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T’is the season of over indulgence!

By Sj.Cliff
T’is the season of over indulgence!

Around this time of year, we all deserve to treat ourselves. The cold weather combined with the good-will of Christmas (that’s just around the corner!) leads us all to eat a little more and drink a little more because… well why not?!

With the winter weather now settled British Military Fitness have carried out a study to find out the effect it has on the UK’s fitness and health. The results showed that 18-24 year olds health does seem to suffer over the Winter months with 66% saying that they exercise less often and a huge 83.2% saying that they eat more.

The study, compiled by British Military Fitness (BMF), the UK’s undisputed leader in outdoor fitness, also revealed that men are more likely than women to slack on their exercise routine over winter. With the average winter weight gain sitting at between 2lb – 4lb, and an average of 6,000 calories being consumed on Christmas Day  alone, the nation is at risk of turning more Little Britain than Great Britain.

But it isn’t just food that piles on the pounds with the younger generation. Drinking with family and friends is almost tradition now – but there are calories hidden behind all of our favourite holiday tipples.

Did you know?

•             A glass of mulled wine (175ml) - 134 kcals
•             A snowball (115ml) - 112 kcals
•             Eggnog (100ml) – 88 kcals
•             A pint of beer (Fosters) – 200 kcals
•             A pint of cider (Magners) – 210 kcals
•             A glass of red wine (large) – 180 kcals
•             A glass of white wine (large) - 180 kcals
•             A double Vodka lime and soda - 110 kcals
•             A gin and slimline tonic (premixed can) - 110kcals

While you do deserve a treat this Christmas, think about the impact munching all these goodies can have on your health! Keep exercising, drink in moderation and don’t stuff yourself to keep your body in top shape!

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