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The Black Widow’s Fashion Tips

By Emma
The Black Widow’s Fashion Tips

As the hotly anticipated release of Marvel Avengers Assemble draws ever closer, we bring you this exclusive insight into Avengers Fashion 

We got the lowdown from costume designer Andy Park on achieving the look of the most talked about character of the year, The Black Widow.

Played by super siren Scarlett Johansson, The Black Widow sports a sassy catsuit and, appropriately, a scarlet red bob. To understand how the costume came about, Andy talks us through the design process.

Coming up with the look

Her costume reflects her character. Black Widow is known for her fighting abilities. She's strong both physically and mentally and her costume should reflect both her confidence and abilities.

It’s sexy but not too sexy . For her role in The Avengers, her look is still very sexy but we didn't want it to be merely a cat suit. The Marvel Comics Black Widow traditionally has been portrayed as a femme fatale.  As such her look has been overt. In the comics she essentially wears a skin-tight vinyl cat suit-cleavage and all. Here we need it to be utilitarian without making her "sexiness" exploitative.

The power of a good costume

A costume changes the identity of the wearer. A costume does cause a metamorphosis.  We can all live vicariously through heroes by wearing these amazing costumes.  They are worn to symbolize the transformation from mild-mannered average person to a hero with amazing abilities and purpose.

Empowering normal women

Sexy and strong is the perfect archetype for women today-and Black Widow embodies both.  Her costume is sexy because it shows off the beauty of the female form.  It also exudes strength because of its utilitarian look. It's a uniform with a militaristic edge. It's meant to accommodate her physical abilities as a combatant and assassin.  And to complete the look, her having a holster on each hip makes her look like someone you absolutely wouldn't want to mess with.

Achieving the look

How soon will it be available on the street? Soon I hope.  But I'm sure there will be plenty of Halloween versions to purchase after the movie comes out.

Avengers Assemble  will be out in cinemas on April 26.

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