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How to take the best selfies

By Cara Dudgeon
How to take the best selfies

We are currently living in a society where it isn’t unusual to see people on the street getting their phone out of their pocket to take a selfie.

We all know that taking a selfie isn’t that easy and it’s surprising how many bad ones you take in order to get the perfect photo. With national selfie day approaching, the following tips should help you perfect the art of the selfie.

KNOW YOUR ANGLE — Ever heard the saying, “your ‘good’ side”? Well, for a selfie this is super important. Knowing what angle makes you look best will give you more confidence, and should make it easier for you to take a good selfie.



NATURAL LIGHTING — When taking a selfie, it’s important to get the right lighting. It can be tempting to add a flash, and where possible, avoid this. If it’s dark then obviously you’ve no choice but to use flash. However, it’s recognised that natural lighting is preferred when taking a selfie. The best places to find this is either by a window or even outside.



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THINK ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND — This is important no matter where you end up taking your selfie. If taking it inside, make sure any clutter is tidied away — you don’t want yesterday's underwear photobombing you. If you’re taking it outside, take a look around, is there anything you don’t want in your shot? Also, angling yourself so that the sun is behind your head will create a halo effect, rather than making you squint because of the sun’s glare.



AVOID CLICHÉ POSES — The once well-loved duck face is possibly past it’s prime, and the new ‘trend’ is to take a photo of you simply just smiling. Essentially, being you. Unless you are purposefully taking a ‘duck’ or an angry selfie, it is probably best to stick to smiling.



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GET A SELFIE STICK — Selfie sticks are a great tool to use in order to get the best selfie. They can be used to get more people in a picture or simply to get various angles of you. They’re worth the investment!



DON’T GO OTT WITH THE FILTERS — More often than not, people have either added a filter or edited their pictures to remove that pesky pimple. But, you don’t want to use too many filters or edit yourself so that you look like a new person. People want to see the real you, not an obviously fake version.



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