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The 5 stages of a break-up

By Sj.Cliff
The 5 stages of a break-up

It seems breakups are in the air at the moment, with Kourtney Kardashian finally getting rid of Scott Disick after cheating rumours and Kerry Katona booting her new hubby, George Kay, out of the house.

I mean, it’s got to be pretty important if the Daily Mail is talking about it…

Seriously though.

Break-ups are pretty shit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a reasonably new relationship or someone you’ve been with for years, it still hurts the same.

After a lot of thought, we’ve decided to put together the 5 stages of a breakup, so our girls know that we’re thinking of them. It totally applies to you guys, too.

1. Regret

Should I? Shouldn’t I? What if…

No! Just stop it! We know this stage is inevitable, but if you weren’t happy then the break up was inevitable. Think of it as an opportunity rather than a loss.


2. Sadness

You used to be part of a duo and you're allowed to feel a little lost and mopey. Being sad is just a lame part of the journey to becoming regular, old, happy you again. Promise.


3. Over-eating

Food (the unhealthier the better) is sure to make you feel better. Even adults need a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then. Just remember to sleep between feasts.


4. Acceptance

While your ex may have been your world, it was just a moment in the huge story of your life. After you’ve had your time to be upset, it’s time to reflect on your breakup and the great time you had together.


5. Confidence

Now you’ve accepted what’s happened it’s time to focus on you. You’ve got a tonne of free time to get really good at what you do, learn something new and generally be sassy!

Single, married, divorced or just a little lonely; it doesn’t matter. We still love you. Virtual hugs!


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