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Students, have confidence in Women’s Health!

By Sj.Cliff
Students, have confidence in Women’s Health!

Feminesse is a new brand that wants women everywhere to have confidence in women’s health and most importantly have the confidence to be you!

Whilst us women are getting more confident at researching into common women’s health problems and self-treating them, there is still a lot of embarrassment and stigma that surrounds the taboo topic of the ‘vagina’.

What is Vaginal Odour?

We all have our own scent and our vagina is no exception – this is perfectly normal. The body is an amazing machine and the scent is produced through the secretion of discharge which is its natural way of self-cleaning.
Sometimes, however, there are certain events in our lives that can affect our body’s pH balance, from the over use of perfumed soaps, periods, sexual intercourse and even stress which can cause an unusual and at times ‘fishy’ odour.

Often this is no cause for concern and can easily be resolved through either practicing prevention tactics and/or the use of pH balancing products.

Should I be worried?

Definitely not! Whilst vaginal odour can seem embarrassing, it is actually more common than thrush and many women have experienced odour at some point, sometimes after exercise or just before their period.

When we held a survey, 61% of you said that vaginal odour would cause you to seek medical advice and cause concern. You also said that vaginal odour would restrict any sexual relationships you were having. At Feminesse, not only do want to remove the stigma around women’s health but we also want you to feel confident, in all areas of your life.



• Perfumed soaps as these can irritate the vagina. Use a plain unperfumed wash or just warm water to wash the vagina daily.
• Douching! This flushes out any good bacteria and upsets the natural vaginal environment.
• Tight clothing such as tights and gym wear. Remember to shower after a gym sesh to stop the growth of bacteria.

How can Feminesse help you?

Feminesse Gel is specifically formulated to eliminate abnormal vaginal odour and restore longer lasting feminine freshness for 3 days at a time.

Unlike sprays or washes, Feminesse Gel works from within the vagina to eliminate vaginal odour. By maintaining the natural pH balance, the gel combats the development of odour-producing compounds.

Some women find applying Feminesse Gel slightly less frequently still keeps odour at bay. After all, everyone is different. You’ll soon find out what suits you best.

Remember, if you notice a change in your discharge or notice an abnormal smell it is always best to speak to your GP for advice and reassurance.

Let’s break the pattern and start to openly discuss our bodies and our health.  And if you do, you may just realise that that ‘oh-so embarrassing problem’ isn’t quite so unusual after all.

For more information on Feminesse, and to buy Feminesse, visit our website.
For more information on vaginal odour, visit our blog post.

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