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Je Joue’s guide to sex toys and student life

By Je Joue
Je Joue’s guide to sex toys and student life

Find balance in your hectic schedule

It’s easy to get carried away with lectures, labs, and exams during the school year. Connecting to your body when you’re already overwhelmed can be difficult, and university can become exhausting — grades first, everything else after, but that kind of approach is counter-intuitive. The mind is so much more productive when we strike the right balance between work and play.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking about you:

Your pleasure matters

Practising self-love or having partnered fun is just as important at university as getting a good night’s sleep and eating your veggies. For many, experiencing pleasure is a key part of rounded self-care. It has been proven that orgasms are an effective way to release tension, relieve stress, improve sleep and reduce the discomfort of menstrual cramps (Planned Parenthood).

Is a shared room the end of privacy?

Being noisy in the bedroom might be fun, but it can also be a consent violation when living with others: it involves a third party in your sexual activities. If your roommate isn’t comfortable hearing your sex toys, respect that boundary by choosing quiet motors. Small toys like the Je Joue Classic Bullet are a great way to add quiet stimulation during sex, and Je Joue’s Bullets are amazing for dorm life. They’re discreet and velvety-soft, and they charge with a simple micro USB cord.

For anyone (un)lucky enough to live with a roommate during university, establishing ground rules is an important way to start the year. If you’re sharing a room, figure out when your roommate won’t be in, so you can have time for masturbation. If you’re in different rooms in the same apartment, choose quiet vibrators that won’t rattle through the walls. The Je Joue Mimi Soft is a dorm room must: whisper-quiet, with a rumbly motor that’ll change your world. (Plus, not having to buy new batteries every week is a blessing. Not only are rechargeable toys better for the environment, but they’re way easier on your wallet after the first few months.).

Choosing the right toy

The two biggest mistakes that university students make with their sex toys are not buying body-safe materials and not keeping their toys clean. Like a romantic partner, sex toys need to be picked carefully and cared for over time. This is especially key for insertable toys like the Je Joue G-Kii, a bendable g-spot vibrator that (for some bodies) also offers simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Play safely by buying fully waterproof toys made from body-safe materials, and make sure to wash your toys thoroughly with soap and water before and after every use.

The Big O

For many, solo pleasure is the foundation for university life — especially within the first year. But if you’re having partnered sex and you find you need more clitoral stimulation to orgasm during it, have a chat with your partner about closing the orgasm gap. Achieving orgasm during sex is totally not a requirement, but if it’s something you want, your partner should support you in that. Remember, it's not only people with penises that deserve orgasms!

Take time to get to know you.

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