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By Gemma.Cullen

Looking to make an impact? Want sexy eyes that give that “wow-factor”? The days of just applying a light dusting of eye-shadow and slicking on a layer of mascara are fading fast. You can already go into shops and come out looking slightly like Katy Perry or Cheryl Cole thanks to the beauty of false eyelashes. But how about going that extra mile? Stargazer have introduced temporary eye tattoos that are bound to cause a stir.

Maybe you’ve got that one friend who is amazing at creating smouldering smoky eyes with the flick of a make-up brush and when you attempt it yourself you look more like you’ve been punched? Stargazer could solve this problem. With one quick application you’ll have an intricate eye design in a matter of seconds.The process will definitely take you back to those days when you were 12 and used to cover yourself in transfer tattoos thinking you were the coolest kid at school, but obviously now the results will be far more sophisticated.

Or if you don’t feel quite “out-there” enough to get away with wearing eye-tattoos on a regular messy student night out, a masquerade ball is a good enough excuse as any! Picture the scene... you’ve opted for a mask with elastic and you didn’t quite think it through. Your hair has transformed into a mushroom shape, your face is feeling far too hot and the small amount of make-up you’ve applied has pretty much slid off with sweat...attractive right? Temporary eye tattoos would definitely be the answer you’re looking for!

Or you might prefer to stick with false lashes. Stargazer have taken it to the next level by creating shapes that make natural lashes look very bland. Let’s face it, you would never be able to mould your own lashes into star shapes unless you were very talented and had freakishly long lash-hairs, would you?

Draw the attention away from the dark rings under your eyes from all those all-nighters you’ve pulled recently and work the sultry look with an eye-catching twist.

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