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Plastic bag drama explained!

By Sj.Cliff
Plastic bag drama explained!

The mission that is supermarket shopping has now got a whole lot harder… apparently.

As of today, you’re going to be charged 5p for every plastic bag you need when you go shopping.

The Daily Mail says chaos!

Yahoo says it’s confusing.

And The Mirror thinks it’s going to drain your forgetful student bank account dry.

But the way this new change has been reported, you may think that you’d have to have a degree in rocket science in order to obtain a bag for your 6 pack/super-noodles.

So, to prevent you from getting your knickers in a twist every time you want to buy something, we thought we’d explain the 5 important bit of the 5p bag charge.


So stop panicking.

Only stores that have over 250 full-time employees have to start charging for plastic bags. While you may not know how many people really work for someone like ASDA (well, it’s over 175,000) you can roughly guess that you’re going to need a few bags for life. When it’s just a quick loaf of bread from the shop on the corner, you’ll probably get a bag.

2. Some things are exempt

Loose veg, raw meat and fish and live aquatic animals  (why would you be buying those things together?) are exempt from charges. You get a bag for those for free, which stops you looking like this guy…

3. But only those things

The second you whack a can of coke in that bad-boy, you’re paying for it.

4. Why is this happening?

We throw away far too many plastic bags. The impact it’s having on our environment  sucks and we need to stop being so wasteful.

Because the government knows we’re tight, they’re hoping that charging us for plastic bags will stop us from using them so often.

5. How will your 5p be spent?

4p from the sale of each bag goes to charity, which is pretty kind. 


There, that wasn't so difficult was it?

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