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Perspi-Guard antiperspirants

By Perspi-Guard
Perspi-Guard antiperspirants

Perspi Guard is a concentrated antiperspirant that is so effective it only requires application once per week.

The formula was originally engineered to control a disabling condition called hyperhidrosis or severe excessive sweating, but unlike similar products, Perspi Guard Antiperspirant was found to be exceptionally mild and therefore usable by all.

Hyperhidrosis affects approximately 4% of the population, yet surveys suggest that as many as half of us commonly experience problem sweating and odour. The embarrassing sweat stains on clothing caused by nuisance sweating are a commonly encountered issue and many people will go to great lengths to keep them hidden from view. Ever wondered why some people never take their jacket off? Why some always wear black or keep arms clamped by their sides?

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant is applied at night, before bed, to clean dry skin. In the morning, simply shower or wash as normal and the product is guaranteed to keep you dry and odour free. If you find the product is not working for you, then the manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee. Perspi Guard is available to buy from BuyinConfidence.com.

BuyinConfidence stock a vast range of antiperspirant and deodorant products designed to control sweat and odour in all areas of the body, literally from the feet to the face. Perspi Guard Sensitive is and alcohol and aluminium free antiperspirant specifically created for facial sweating and for use on sensitive skins and the website also stocks clothing such as antibacterial silver socks, and sweat resistant undershirts for men and women that have reinforced underarm sweat protection.

Excessive sweating for most can be controlled by using a topical antiperspirant product, but for some these products do not effectively control their sweating. Dermatologists recommend a treatment called Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is a drug free non-invasive treatment that will stop excessive sweating for around 99% of patients who undergo the therapy.

It involves passing mild controlled electrical currents into the body where sweating is a problem and will stop sweating for several weeks in between treatments. Iontophoresis machines are available for unaided use at home from IontoCentre.com.

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