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Natural Nutrients

By Natural Nutrients
Natural Nutrients

For the majority of people, the transition from school to university is a really big deal. Aside from the obvious - moving to new digs, leaving family behind, academic challenges – starting university can also be tough on your body. Once the initial damage of fresher’s week partying has subsided, you will probably find yourself on a low budget with little time to prepare food. Whilst it’s easy to grab the cheapest food you can to survive, which would leave you with a bit more cash - you could be leaving your body’s nutrient stores in the red. This article will explain how supplementing your diet with certain vitamins and minerals could help you to get the most out of your university experience.


Enhance your Physical Health

A recent study found that over 30% of undergraduate students didn’t know how to boil an egg – let alone muster up a wholesome, nutritionally-balanced meal. Nutritional supplements are a great way to ensure your nutrient stores are topped up, especially if you haven’t the time, money or know-how to maintain a perfectly balanced diet. Here at Natural Nutrients we develop and supply nutritional supplements specifically created to improve your health, enhance exercise performance and support a healthier overall lifestyle. Taking supplements can be a way of creating an excellent enhancement or a safety net to the diets of those who struggle to remain on a healthy balanced diet.


Time to Detox?

A recent study found that 80% of students binge drink – that’s having 6 or more drinks on one occasion – and that 20% do this weekly. Whilst parties and nights out are a great way to socialise and wind-down, over-drinking can be harmful in the long-term. Our Organic Natural Greens Powder is a great-tasting superfood drink which cleanses the liver and boosts energy levels. A single scoop offers the same amount of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fats that you’d find in a plateful of veg. Our greens drink will help you to recover faster and get back on the right track for studying.



Beat Fresher’s Flu

‘Freshers Flu’ – a bad cold and nasty bug that normally does the rounds during the first few weeks of uni – is caused by a combination of things. Meeting new people from all over the world exposes you to viruses you’re not immune to already, so they make you sick. Together with lack of sleep, alcohol, stress and eating junk food – this can be pretty grim for your health. Zinc is an important mineral often known and used for its immune boosting properties, antioxidant benefits and its ability to reduce the frequency of illness. Taking Zinc could be a convenient way of bolstering your immune system and reducing the impact of any bugs or viruses you come across.



Support your Mental Health

Nutritional supplements can be just as beneficial for the mind as they are for the body, so it’s no surprise that when depleted - certain nutrients can leave you feeling lethargic, demotivated and even unwell. To compact this, a balanced diet complemented by supplementation will ensure you’re off to a good start to the day, both physically and mentally. You’ll feel the benefits in class, sports activities and even during exams.


Combat Stress

Moving to somewhere new and being thrown into a completely different environment can be stressful in many ways. Add in lectures, assignments and exams and you have a lifestyle that’s difficult to manage! Nutrition and Psychology overlap massively and it is known that B vitamins reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. Taking a B vitamin supplement could reduce stress, improve your mood and even help to fend off psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.


Boost your Brain Power

University life is a great experience involving far more than just studying - but when it comes to exams and assignments, there’s no avoiding how important they are. Taking an omega 3 supplement - such as our Optomega 3 Fish Oil capsules - will provide crucial support to the brain by boosting concentration, mental clarity, focus and memory. Looking after yourself will ensure you have the best possible chance of succeeding academically, as well as keeping yourself sane.


University is an experience, not just a course. It may be one of the most challenging endeavours you ever will face, but ensuring you’re prepared both physically and mentally will get you off on the right foot. Eat well, sleep well, don’t overdo the booze and find time for exercise. It’s not rocket science but it can certainly have a positive impact on your health and happiness. Here at Natural Nutrients we are passionate about all things natural, ethical and healthy. We use the finest ingredients in our nutritional supplement range – that means no fillers, no bulking agents and no GMO ingredients. We do this so that you can be totally confident in what you’re using – a 100% natural and 100% clean nutritional supplement that will complement your diet and lifestyle.

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