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Male Beauty Tips

By Emma
Male Beauty Tips

Six ways to improve your looks

Keeping up your appearance can be a difficult task, so here’s a few beauty essentials and interesting solutions to keep you looking brilliant.

1) Protect Your Skin

Perfect skin is a tough thing to crack, especially in those acne-prone teenage years. The key is to keep up a regular routine whilst drinking plenty of water, and you’ll soon be glowing.

Cleanse your face with an apricot scrub to get rid of dead skin particles and prevent black heads.

Follow this with a gentle facial exfoliant scrub, and then a moisturiser containing sunscreen for day, and at night a moisturizer with Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Remember, don’t be scared to visit your dermatologist if all else fails!

2) Nail Care

There’s nothing worse than the look and feel of rough, dirty nails. So lads, you have no excuse not to clip and file your nails regularly!

Well-manicured nails and toes contribute to good hygiene and certainly look a lot more attractive.

3) Treat Your Razor Blades

Give your razor a bit more life with this trick of the trade. After shaving, thoroughly clean and dry your razor blades and then completely submerge the razor head in a dish of mineral oil. Then use rubbing alcohol to wash away the oil next time you need to use the razor.

This procedure stops the oxidization process that dulls razors sharp edges.

4) Say No To Body Odour

Men, it’s time to get rid of those wicked “sweat stains” for good.

Key: deodorant, deodorant, and more deodorant!

But also: In hot weather, its advisable to wear light coloured cotton clothing, as these absorb less heat and therefore create less sweat stains. Also, don’t be afraid to trim armpit hair. Less hairs result in less bacteria, and consequently- less smell!

Moreover, foot powder is a great remedy to prevent food odour

5) Balding

It’s going to happen at some point in your life, so why not treat it now. Take plenty of B vitamin to encourage healthier hair, and take a look at this website if you’re really concerned and want some interesting tips: www.netdoctor.co.uk/menshealth/feature/baldness_remedies.htm

6) Trimming

Eyebrow hairs, nose hairs…the lot. Looking after yourself and keeping up your appearance is an important job.

by April Pickersgill

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