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Kick start your day

By Sj.Cliff
Kick start your day

Getting tired (get it?) of oversleeping? We posted an article earlier in the year saying that students are the worst offenders for hitting the snooze button instead of actually getting up.

That being said, there are some little things you can do to make sleeping in more difficult for yourself. Be it a cool alarm clock or just a change in where you put your own – you can get up on time!

Novelty Alarm Clocks

Created by a genius (or evil mad man, depending how you look at it), this little contraption bursts into life as soon as the alarm goes and start running around your room. Of course, you need to get out of bed and catch him before he can be turned off, by which time you may as well just get up. 

If the bank balance is looking pretty grim, you could always try the old classic of just putting your alarm on the other side of the room so you’re forced to get out of bed.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Get a coffee machine with a timer; place it within sniffing distance and set it to start brewing 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. Not only will the aroma gently wake you up, you’ll have a steaming cup of your favourite brew ready as soon as you get out of bed, so long as you get there before your housemate!!

Heat your room

There is nothing worse than having to get out of a toasty bed on cold mornings, so for a bit of extra motivation, set the heating to start warming the bedroom half an hour before your alarm, or get an electric heater with a simple timer.
Obviously the cheaper option is to have your dressing gown and slippers waiting right next to the bed for you to literally jump into.

No one likes a square eyes!

Quite often it’s not the amount of hours we get in the night that is preventing us from getting up; it’s the quality of sleep. Not only is it harder to wind down in bed when you’ve been glued to a screen for hours, whether it be TV’s, laptops, smart phones or tablets, they can also act as a distraction during the night and hinder your sleep. So pick up a good book and wind down with an hour of reading before bed.

If all else fails…you can always glue your snooze button!

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