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Keeping trim without a gym

By Victoria Wighton
Keeping trim without a gym

How to fight the fresher’s flab without even leaving the house.

Gym schmym. Why pay to sweat it out in an overcrowded, underequipped room full of fitbods when there’s a whole goldmine of exercise equipment at your fingertips in your very own student flat? We look at some effective exercises you can do to tone up at home.

Bottle bicep curls

after another night of wild and reckless house-partying, don’t be so quick to throw all those empty bottles away. Recycle them into a plastic box and use them in your exercise regime. Hold the box with your arms straight down and gently bring it up in front of you, keeping your arms straight at all times. Hold and bring back down. Depending on how heavy the box is try to do 10 lifts, repeating for 2-3 sets.

Classic crunch

An oldie, but a goodie, and there’s no reason why you can’t do this in the comfort of your own home as it needs absolutely no equipment. Simply clear some space on your living room floor and lie down. Bringing your knees up and your hands at either side of your face, slowly lift yourself up into a crunch position, hold for a few seconds and slowly lower yourself. Do this 10 times, repeating for 3 sets.

Wall leg stretches

To do some simple leg stretches, try using the walls in your home. Simply open the door to your living room, ensuring it’s fully open for plenty of space, and lie in front of the wall nearest to it. Bring the leg furthest from the door straight up the wall and the other lying flat through the door entrance. You should feel a pull in your upright leg and hold for around 15 seconds, repeating on your other leg.

Calf lifts

To tone your calves, stand with feet hip-width apart and slowly raise yourself onto your tip-toes. You may need to hold on to something sturdy to steady yourself. Hold for 15 seconds and slowly lower yourself back down. Repeat for 3 sets.

Bean tin tricep lifts

Hold a tin of beans in each hand, raised above your head. Slowly (and being careful not to knock yourself out with them!) lower the tins down behind your head to your shoulder blades. Repeat this 10 times and try to do 2 sets. You can use any 400g tinned produce—just make sure it isn’t opened!

We know you lot have a lot going on what with 10 hours a week of contact time and all—sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to sleep, let alone work out.

Luckily, the SG is on hand to give you some helpful tips on how to squeeze some exercise into your daily routine. Aren’t we good to you.

  1. If you don’t live far from university, don’t be lazy— instead of catching the bus, try getting off your bum and walking instead. The fresh air will wake you up and improve your concentration, and if you rope in your friends to do the same, it won’t even feel like exercise.
  2. When sitting in a lecture, casually (and inconspicuously) try doing a few bum clenches. Easy peasy to do, just clench, hold and release for a perky posterior. Just try not to let anyone notice what you’re doing!
  3. Snooze your alarm and leave the house 10 minutes later than you normally would. Run to your lecture. Risky business, but that’s how we roll.
  4. Have a mountain of books borrowed from the library? Perfect. When lugging your books back home, put an even amount into two strong carrier bags and turn your arms so your palms are facing upright and the handles are held securely in your hands. Bending your elbows in, bring the bags up to your chest, hold and slowly drop. Repeat this 15 times, completing a set of two reps.
  5. Essay-writing block? Need a bit of a boost? Have a mad 3 minutes and run up and down the stairs in your block. You risk people thinking you’re mental, but that’s the price you pay for thighs of steel.
  6. Going out being an integral component in the student lifestyle, it would be foolish to not try to incorporate some kind of fitness into a night out. Dance your little student arse off— an hour of dancing can burn 400 calories!

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