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Is pizza ruining your degree?

By Sj.Cliff
Is pizza ruining your degree?

It can be easy to slip into an unhealthy eating pattern when you hit university –let’s face it, it’s way easier to call in a pizza or stop off at the chippy that cook for yourself. But have you ever thought of the implications eating crap can have on your degree?

Research by Upbeat has shown that new students are more likely to cram themselves with sugar and carbs, with less than half of students admitting that they hardly ever get their 5 a day.

It may sound boring, but the lack of protein and vitamins has a huge impact on brain function and development – pretty much the entire reason that you’re at university.

That’s not all, it also effects your ability to concentrate. Eight in ten students report being unable to concentrate due to their poor diet, and one in eight admit to feeling low and tired the majority of the time.

While it may be nice to have an extra 10 minutes in bed (as most students skip breakfast regularly for extra shut-eye), getting good food inside you at breakfast really does wonders for your brain. After all, that First isn’t going to earn itself!

Dr Adam Carey, nutritional health and wellness expert commented: 

"With thousands of students set to leave home for the first time, they should be careful not to leave their nutrition needs behind! Spelling disaster for degrees, studies show that foods with a high sugar content can cause changes in brain insulin function and reduce memory, while studies also show that individuals who frequently snack on refined carbs like biscuits and chips have poor concentration levels.

"Protein, as the most filling of foods, is especially important in the morning as it'll help set busy students up for the day. Plus, we can't store protein so it's important to spread it through the day. Recent research also suggests that having a protein-rich breakfast can also prevent unhealthy snacking later in the day, helping to stop freshers craving that crisp packet."

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