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Louise Roe interview

By Emma
Louise Roe interview

2011 has been a huge year for fashionista Louise Roe – an invite to the Royal Wedding, Plain Jane Series 2, her very own clothing and shoe lines…

To top it all off, The Student Guide caught up with Louise before her big red carpet appearance at the MTV European Music Awards.

You’re presenting live from the red carpet with Tim Kash at the MTV EMAs this Sunday. Are you looking forward to it?

I’m very excited. It’s such a huge event. And also, doing live as opposed to recorded stuff is always a bigger adrenaline rush and much more fun.

Have you done much live work before?

I’ve done the BAFTAs for E! Entertainment, I did the Royal Wedding, lots of premieres in LA, it’s all fun.

Do you know what you’re wearing this Sunday?

I’m going to wear a red long jumpsuit from Alice + Olivia. I was thinking about a dress, but I decided to go a bit seventies instead.

You’ve talked before about your interest in seventies fashion. What is it about this decade that you love so much?

I really am obsessed with it! I find it really chic. I sort of think of Studio 54 and Bianca Jagger. I feel like it’s less corseted than the 50s – it’s that sort of loose silhouette, and it’s quite bohemian. There are bright colours, lots of oranges and reds. I just find it sexy without it being overtly cleavage-revealing.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the red carpet?

Gaga – I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do. Katy Perry too, I feel like she’s going more and more nuts with her outfits at every awards show I see her at. I’m also going to be speaking to Coldplay, which is going to be very cool.

Are you looking forward to working with Tim Kash, have you worked with him before?

I haven’t worked with him before. I have met him and I’m really looking forward to it. It should be fun.

The second series of Plain Jane recently started airing. What was making this series like?

Amazing! The main difference was that we flew all over Europe. The first series was just set in America. In this series we went shopping in Paris, another girl had a date on the Riviera. In terms of location and backdrop, it was even more exotic and funny and gorgeous.

It’s just a really fun show to make, and I genuinely see a difference in the girls each episode. You do bond with them. I feel like we’re actually helping people. It’s a nice thing to be able to come home and feel like you’ve made a bit of a difference.

Who was your favourite Plain Jane from the second series?

There is one girl who I just adore. Her name’s Gaya. She went out the first week in the UK. She really tugged on my heartstrings. There were so many moments when I was trying not to cry and for her I think it was the first time that I actually did. She was gorgeous, and I really felt for her.

Do ever feel bad about any of the challenges that the Plain Janes are subjected to?

There was one sequence in the first series when the girl had to swim with sharks. The look she was giving me as I was talking her into doing it – I felt really mean. She looked like she was going to kill me. I did feel a bit bad about that. It takes a while sometimes until after they’ve done the deed that they understand why I pushed them to do it, and they feel better. Sometimes they do give me death stares, or they start crying, and I feel awful!

What advice can you offer Plain Janes reading this article at home?

There are two sides to it. First is fashion, and there are definitely some key tips. For example, wear red if you’re single, because statistically you’re more likely to get chatted up. Learn to walk in high heels, because it will make you look more elegant and powerful.

More importantly, is the inside. I can dress you and do your hair and makeup but if you don’t feel good and confident inside, you won’t pull off the outfit.

What advice can you offer plain boys?

I really want to do a series actually, Plain Jack or something! It’s the same sort of advice. I would say that chivalry is not dead. Being a gentleman will get you far. Do be old-fashioned, do open doors, do pull out chairs – that for me is amazing. Don’t be too pushy. Some guys try to be sleazy and it just doesn’t work. Be polite but direct. And funny! Funny people will always get a girl.

You’ve launched your first clothing line. What style were to aiming for?

I’ve a clothing line in America, and I’ve got a shoe line in England, which is available on stylistpick.com.

It’s really bright – I’m always telling women to wear colours and be bolder with their accessories, so the collection emphasises that. There’s a bright orange shoe which is very seventies, called the Rio, and there’s also chunky boho jewellery, which reminds me of summer in Ibiza, but I wanted to put it into a winter collection to prove that we can still wear bright colours in winter.

Have you got any clothing ranges planned for the UK?

Hopefully. Nothing yet, but it is on the cards. That’s my next plan of action. It would be great.

You’ve said that your favourite piece in the American collection is the Baker Street Trench, named after the street where Sherlock Holmes lived. Which is your favourite Sherlock Holmes adventure?

The Hounds of the Baskervilles! It’s scary! I can remember studying that period of literature at university and it’s so dark and creepy and there are so many undertones. I can really remember that particular book, and I can remember seeing one of those really old sixties TV versions, which are very un-scary, but somehow terrifying.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would you choose?

Kate Bosworth I think. She’s just got really cool stuff. I think she nails that formal/informal look to a tee. She always tries new looks and new shapes.

What tips have you got for girls who want to get a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Definitely wearing something red. A red dress if possible.

Don’t wear too much bright sticky lipgloss. That’s definitely a bit of a man-repeller when it comes to kissing. I love a red lip, but if you’re actually going for a smooch, guys tend to run away from that, because they think they’re going to get it on their lips or on their shirt.

That’s quite a practical tip!

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