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India - have your say

By TheStudentGuide
India - have your say

Our readers tell us what they thought

Nepal is a beautiful country with its famous mountains and incomparable trekking; it is beloved by trekkers and climbers for good reason. The views are unbeatable and the 4am wake-up call followed by an hour's trek to get up to the view at Poon Hill in the Annapurna region was well worth it! The people are warm and welcoming, as is the fresh mountain air, especially after a long time on the road.

Pokhara is a beautiful town spread around a picturesque lake in the Annapurna region of Nepal. For one thing it is a peaceful and gentle place, with a slow pace and a great connection with nature that is lost in the busy streets of Kathmandu a few hours away. A swim in the cool lake will wash off any dust from a long bus journey, or relax exhausted muscles after a steep trek. You can rent a paddle boat from various businesses by the lake. But the other great thing about Pokhara is its great variety of restaurants (Buffalo steak is something you'll be craving after a trek!) and its great selection of tour companies for anything from trekking to kayaking! A great place for adventure seekers and aching feet alike.

Natalie Hough

There is so much to see and explore in India but at the same time it’s a complete mission to travel in India, very stressful, trying to organise anything will teach you allot about yourself. There are 14 million people living in Mumbai, which is an entire experience in itself. You will never have seen so many people in one place. The city is a huge culture shock but at the same time very positive. The divide between the ridiculously rich and those living in deepest poverty is a real shock, even having spent long time in Africa. It’s worthwhile visiting the slums to get a sense of what India is really about for 2/3rds of the population, there are organised slum-tours of Dharavi with reality tours and travel  - but be very careful about who you book this with.

Abbie Parker, London

In Nepal you get to meet people from all over, get a great workout while trekking, and have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best views in the world.--Federico"

It hits you within moments of arriving in Nepal - an overwhelming sense of friendship, history, community and spirituality. Nepal is a complex and compelling country and it´s impossible to overcome the excitement of actually being there. From the colourful and chaotic streets of Kathmandu to the hilltop village of Bandipur or the laid-back lakeside town of Pokhara, you quickly become a willing participant in local life.

Taking time to chat with roadside chai sellers, sharing a joke with a taxi driver and exchanging smiles while bartering for a bargain are all part of the Nepalese charm. You don´t have to trek Nepal to discover its natural beauty, but hiking the Himalayas is a stunning highlight for most who muster the energy. Nepal gives you the precious opportunity to discover a world beyond your own. 

Sue Elliot, London

I still remember the incredible sense of serenity that enveloped me as I stepped from the plane in Bhutan. Unlike other Asian destinations, the Bhutanese lead a very relaxed way of life; there are few cars, lots of untarnished countryside and none of the hustle and bustle that you normally associate with Asia!

The peaceful Buddhist way of life is evident everywhere in this kingdom nestled amongst the Himalayas. Travelling through Bhutan offers a wealth of experiences from walking through tiny villages surrounded by snow-clad peaks, visiting the colourful dzongs with their unique architecture, being welcomed by the locals to share in ceremonies and sampling the highpoint of Bhutanese cuisine – cheese and chillies!

If you love mountain peaks, prayer flags, and peaceful people – you´ll love Bhutan.

Janine de Krester, London

In Nepal you get to meet people from all over, get a great workout while trekking, and have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best views in the world.

Federico, Birmingham

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