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How to pull yourself together after this Easter weekend

By Editor
How to pull yourself together after this Easter weekend

So we're all back to the grind after a beautifully lengthy Easter weekend, and whilst you still may have a few days left of holiday it's probably time to get back to the books.

"But I can't; the past few days have ravaged me", I hear you sob. Well, do not fret, guys, as The Student Guide has got your sunburnt, lobster-coloured back.

After sun

So you thought it would be fine if you went out wearing just sunglasses and a T-shirt whilst you lazed about a beer garden for five hours. But what happened? The only thing you can show for your sins is mild sunstroke and horrendous sunburn, which you've probably convinced yourself will turn into a beautiful bronze colour. The hard truth is that it won't and really you need some cocoa butter or other intensive moisturisers on your mug before you become the lizard king or queen of campus. After you've bathed in lotion, you will feel ready to take the world on.

Riding out a chocolate binge

A lot of people give up chocolate for Lent, so Easter celebrations can be doubly catastrophic, especially when you're loved ones have given you an endless supply of chocolate eggs. As such, you probably have the worst sugar hangover of your life.

And you might be thinking that a glucose comedown isn't that dangerous, but you'd be wrong. For women, it may result in a yeast infection, which isn't that fun, I hear, and both genders can suffer from horrid headaches and recurring spells in the toilet. To combat this, you're going to need some high protein snacks like a bag of mixed nuts and some Paracetamol.


I know, I know, the E word. Dare I speak its name? Well, yeah, because it isn't that bad really. If you've stuffed your chops with food and drink all weekend, then there's a definite chance that you will be sluggish mentally and physically. So what's the perfect antidote?

Sadly, something that involves moving about for a period of time. It needn't be that hard, however. Why not organise a kick about in the park? Or a nice bike ride? Failing that, you could run up and down the stairs a few times (we are aware that if you live in a flat or bungalow then you may have to run on the spot whilst watching a high octane action film).

After you've done a bit of exercise, you will feel like a champion, we promise.

Water, Water, Water

This weekend a lot of people substituted good old H20 for beer and wine. It was great at the time, wasn't it? But now you feel like a dried out prune. The occasion calls for you to down a litre or two of water (but not at once or you'll be puking all over your assignment).  It's amazing how well you feel when you're fully hydrated.

Down a smoothie

Who has time to eat five or more pieces of fruit? Not me, that’s for sure. So the quick option is to shove a shedload of fruit in a processor, whiz it up and drink it throughout the day.  You will feel the healthy vibes decant into you, possibly. At the very least your body will thank you for not having to digest chips.


Happy World Health day, everybody!

Have you got any tips for getting over Easter and getting healthy? Let us know on our socials!


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