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How does Love Island compare to your relationship?

By Eloise Durham
How does Love Island compare to your relationship?

Love Island, ITV's reality series, has got the nation hooked with its steamy scenes and fast-moving relationships. But are the couples, and their race to reach the next base, a reflection of real love lives?

Take a look at how long it took the Islanders to reach these milestones:

Milestone Time
Kiss - Amber and Harley Within 24 hours
Kiss - Camilla and Jonny 6 days
Sex - Dom and Jess 8 days
'Become official' - Marcel and Gabby 18 days
Declare love - Dom and Jess 27 days
Declare love - Marcel and Gabby 29 days
Have a baby - Cara and Nathan (Last year's winners) Due 18 months after they first met

With all this romance in the air, credit lenders Provident Personal Credit, have conducted their own research to find out how long it takes the public to reach their relationship milestones.

They surveyed 2000 UK adults who were in relationships of differing lengths, here are the results:

Milestone Average time after first date (months)
Meet partner's friends 2.5
Don't wear make-up 2.9
Quit the gym 3.2
Meet the parents 3.6
Stop dieting 3.6
Stop shaving 4.5
Break wind in front of partner 5
Share Netflix password 6.2
Share phone password 7.2
Share laptop password 7.4
Allow social media access 7.7
Share email password 8.6
Share online bank details 9
Move in together 18.4
Open joint account 22.7
Get a pet 23.4
Buy a house 27.5
Have a baby 30

As well as these findings, it was also discovered that:

  • The average partner says 'I love you' 2.6 times a day, but over a fifth don't say it all!
  • 1 in 10 couples think their partner is less attractive now than when they first started dating
  • Almost a third of partners say that they didn't have a 'honeymoon period'
  • The average couple spends £36 on anniversary presents
  • The average cost of a date in the UK is now £105

Try out the Relationship Scale and put your relationship to the test here!

How does your relationship compare to these results? Let us know on our social media!



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