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Got your onesie sorted for Christmas yet?

By TheStudentGuide
Got your onesie sorted for Christmas yet?

KIGU’s animal suits are a must for any special occasion.

You’ve all seen those guys at festivals having the time of their lives in one form of animal costume or another – you know the ones, Monkeys, Tigers, Squirrels. Maybe you are that guy. In which case you’ll know how challenging it is to go to the toilet instead of only wondering...

The monkeys look like they’re having a whale of a time, and they are — we had a Koala onesie sent to the office this week and we can confirm, it’s the best present we’ve ever had. It’s soft and comfortable and SO MUCH FUN. Especially the tail. We've had it on in the office (calm down), watching a film at home and we even ventured out to the shop in it one day and it felt like love was wrapped around us.

KIGU are the manufacturers of these products. Short for ‘Kigurumi’ (a Japanese word which translates as ‘costumed animal character’), Kigurumi are already hugely popular in Japan where they're worn both as streetwear and pyjamas. KIGU are the first company to bring these to the UK, and indeed Europe.

The range is impressive – you can be an Owl, a Dinosaur, a Giraffe, a Kangaroo (complete with joey) and pretty much anything else you can think of. They’re plush, they’re soft and they come with a hood so you’re almost unrecognisable as your former self. Plus, KIGU have just got some amazing new stock in for Christmas. Christmas tree anyone?

The celebs are on these like hot potatoes. Rob Da Bank, Lilly Allen, Florence Welch and Example have all been snapped frolicking around and Harry Koisser from possibly the hottest band in the UK at the moment, Peace, played their sold out Halloween gig wearing the Skeleton KIGU special.

The great thing is that not only can you pad about the house as a Seal, but more and more they’re becoming the perfect party outfit too. KIGU also hold fantastic parties including the Secret Squirrel Procession Party where everyone comes in their KIGUs and has a blinking good time.

Basically what we’re saying is that these suits are amazing. They’re so much fun and you shouldn’t even entertain the thought of wearing anything else this Christmas. So, get one on your list for Santa, buy one for a friend and be happy happy happy because Christmas is well and truly the season to be KIGU.

Check out the KIGU website to have a look at their fantastic range, or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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