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Girls - Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

By Gemma.Cullen
Girls - Holiday Wardrobe Essentials


So you’ve finally pinned your friends down for long enough to book a holiday. You’ve found a great deal... until you read the small print and realise that everyone has to pay an extra £50 each for a suitcase. What?!?! So seeing as you’re on a student budget you decide to take one suitcase between three of you. Fantastic idea... until you consider the fact that packing light has never been your forte.

So here’s a few tips for the girls (who, let’s face it, will probably struggle with this more) on travelling light but still managing to look amazing on holiday:


Yes it’s tempting to pack 7 pairs of sandals, but the chances are you will only end up wearing your comfiest pair the whole holiday anyway.

Consider whether taking that 6 inch pair of heels really is necessary. You’d be surprised how many holiday-goers stick to wearing sandals/flip flops on a night out. Heel induced blisters ... heat.... sand – not a great combination. Plus minimise the risk of racking up a huge medical bill abroad due to toppling over after one too many sangrias.

Or if you absolutely must add a bit of height, wedges are a great summery alternative. 


Day/night wear:

Think about it... do you really need a different summer dress for every single day (or the extra two you’re packing just in case)? If you’re a sun worshipper you’re going to be spending most of the day in a bikini. So reducing the amount of day outfits means you’ll save yourself valuable room for a couple of extra night-out options.  

Or take items that are versatile. A playsuit is fantastic to pull on over a bikini in the day but it can also be dressed up with some clever accessorising for when you hit the bars at night.

A pair of shorts and a couple of tops to mix and match are also key holiday essentials.



Obviously bikinis won’t take up much room in your suitcase, so as long as you don’t decide to take 50 with you this is a part of your hol wardrobe you won’t need to be as strict on yourself about.



A hoody/ warm clothing:

It’s amazing how many of us insist on travelling back home in a skimpy pair of shorts, tiny top and flip flops and then absolutely freeze when we get off the plane in the tropics of England. Yes you don’t want to admit that your holiday is over, but (at the risk of giving you holiday blues before you’ve even gone) stepping off the plane into what feels like -2 in the middle of August will bring you crashing back to reality. So soften that blow by taking something warm to change into on your way home. This won’t be taking up suitcase space if it’s in your hand luggage and you’ll thank yourself for it, trust us!

Extra tips:

Share toiletries.

Be decisive – don’t take something because you think you might wear it.

Roll instead of fold - It’s all about the rolling! Saves so much room in your suitcase!

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