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Freshers Flu: The Germs Fight Back

By Sj.Cliff
Freshers Flu: The Germs Fight Back

We don’t want you to feel bad about your suffering, but if we’re being TECHNICAL freshers flu doesn’t exist. It’s just a cold, dude. But whatever it is, we know that freshers flu sucks balls.

You most likely to come across freshers flu if you’re eating badly, overly tired or meeting a lot of new people – you either aren’t giving your body a chance to fight off germs or you’re introducing it to more germs than it can deal with. Stress can also be a massive factor in getting a cold, which is why, now, (after your exams) is as bad a time as any to get sick. Sorry guys.

You may be in your second round of the dreaded FF, but these handy tips will help you fight off your current bout of sickness and keep those germs at bay for the long term!

Grab a salad: Eating healthily may be boring as hell, but the vitamins you’ll gain from a few leafy salads and fruits are life-savers in the cold world.

More vitamins: If you can make it out of bed and into a shop, get your hands on a pack of multi-vitamins. Only a quid from your local pound shop (or whatever title they have now), it really won’t cost a lot to keep your immune system topped up with what it needs.

Drink water: Keeping hydrated is something you should really be doing anyway, but flushing out the system is a tried and tested way of getting rid of a cold.

Have painkillers on standby: Sounds obvious but a quick way to ease those freshers flu aches is to grab a bit of paracetamol/ibuprofen. Recently there are selections of cold and flu remedies that you can pick up at pharmacies that have paracetamol as an ingredient, as well as other things to help you feel normal again.

Take a nap: You won’t realise how achy you are if you’re asleep! That and precious sleep gives your body more of a chance to fight off any germs you may be harbouring.

Or you could try some of the slightly less science-y methods:

Hot soup: Most texts favour chicken soup (chicken noodle stateside) as the broth to cure their ailments. That and it’s bloody delicious.

Honey and lemon drinks: Soothe your throat and toast your insides with this deliciously smooth drink that does literally nothing for you. Add some lemon too, why not?!

Steam yourself: Grab the kettle, fill a bowl full of boiling water, add a little Vicks and stick your head over the top. It may sound silly (especially after you’ve draped a towel over your head), but the steam relaxes your sinuses and helps ease that tension pain in your head.

Or you could just…

Suck it up and be an adult about having a cold, maybe?

As the whole reason you’re getting sick, it may be an idea to get some anti-bacterial products such as hand sanitizer or wipes to prevent you getting ill. Giving the keys on a library computer a wipe down before you start typing and cleaning your hands as yours coming off campus (think yucky door handles) sounds simple but it can really help!

Hope you’re feeling better soon guys!

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