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First date tips we learnt from First Dates!

By Sj.Cliff
First date tips we learnt from First Dates!

First Dates is looking for a new group of singletons to feature on their new series!

While it’s probably the most watched show here at Student Guide Towers, we don’t know any single people to fill out the form for – boring right?! So why don’t you guys give it a try for us?

As I mentioned before, we watch the Channel 4 show a lot. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see it yet: 1. Where have you been? (we’re on season three already!) 2. Why not?

Long story short, the show hosts blind dates for singletons from all over the place and records that awkward first encounter. Afterwards, the experience hits a whole new level awkward when the “couples” have to discuss whether they will see each other again.

First dates can be really hard and really daunting without a little advice and it can feel silly asking your best mate for dating advice. (Who’s pretty much living with their partner now. They’re last date was around 100 years ago.)

So, being the "experts" at date-watching we are, we’ve come up with a few tips to stop you from mucking it up – on TV or not.

Sam: For the love of the internet, leave your chat up lines at home.

If Harry Potter can’t make chat-up lines cool then you have literally no hope.

Sophie: Dress to impress

Dressing up not only makes you look pretty but everyone knows it’ll do wonders for you feel as well. Confidence is sexy as hell! Cinders gets it.

Sian: Don’t go to the toilet within 5 minutes of meeting them to phone your mum/friend/aunt/second cousin twice removed

Put your bloody phone away and socialise! Your mum/friend/aunt/second cousin twice removed can wait until you get home to hear about how epic (or terrible) your date was.

Gemma: Don’t arrive at a first date after a heavy drinking session or you’ll do something embarrassing like dance in the middle of a restaurant with no music playing…

Having a pre-date tipple may chill you out but there is a very fine line between dutch courage and dutch disaster. Remember you still have to eat/speak to your date.

Joe: Don’t spend the night talking about yourself.

It’s boring. People like to be asked breezy questions about themselves, not listening to you droll on about your first pet for three hours. You’ll get your turn…

Shü: Pay attention to your date to avoid awkward situations later.

So many times on First Dates have people not even been cool enough to remember their dates name. It makes you look like a jerk… and a little selfish. Pay attention to what your date says and you’ll have way more fun. Promise.

Bonus round! If you just want to get laid, be honest about it.

Some people are just after the D (or V I guess?). If that’s you then be decent to the person you’re meeting and let them know up-front. Someone people may not be ok with that and leave. But it’s way better to be honest. On the other hand, your date may feel the same and you may have a very fun evening.

But after all of this, remember:

You don’t need anyone else to put up with your bad habits. It’s ok to stay up and watch Netflix in your pj’s with your pet. Who really gives a shit that you’re single right now?

You are awesome <3

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