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Facebook takes further steps to help the Trans community

By Sj.Cliff
Facebook takes further steps to help the Trans community

Facebook has become one of the first social media giants to completely radicalise the way users identify themselves. The team have improved the way gender is represented, gaining nothing but praise from LGBT activists.

With over 50 options to choose from and three preferred pronouns, users now have full control of how they define themselves – though there is still the option to hide the information.

For a lot of us, this doesn’t mean much but to the people that this new option will make a difference to, the impact is staggering. It’s only adding to the growing success of the transgender movement over the past decade.

In order to prevent the system from being abused, no new genders can be added to the comprehensive list.

For those of you who’d like to have a look at all the options, here they are:

• Agender

• Androgyne

• Androgynous

• Bigender

• Cis

• Cisgender

• Cis Female

• Cis Male

• Cis Man

• Cis Woman

• Cisgender Female

• Cisgender Male

• Cisgender Man

• Cisgender Woman

• Female to Male


• Gender Fluid

• Gender Nonconforming

• Gender Questioning

• Gender Variant

• Genderqueer

• Intersex

• Male to Female


• Neither

• Neutrois

• Non-binary

• Other

• Pangender

• Trans

• Trans*

• Trans Female

• Trans* Female

• Trans Male

• Trans* Male

• Trans Man

• Trans* Man

• Trans Person

• Trans* Person

• Trans Woman

• Trans* Woman

• Transfeminine

• Transgender

• Transgender Female

• Transgender Male

• Transgender Man

• Transgender Person

• Transgender Woman

• Transmasculine

• Transsexual

• Transsexual Female

• Transsexual Male

• Transsexual Man

• Transsexual Person

• Transsexual Woman

• Two-Spirit

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