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Exercises you can do without hitting the gym!

By Cara Dudgeon
Exercises you can do without hitting the gym!


Most people start the new year with a health kick but sometimes it isn’t so easy to stick to. Especially for students.

With all the reading to do for the new semester as well as attending the lectures and seminars that you’ve done the reading for (if you’ve done the reading, it would be stupid not to go) it can be hard to find the time to hit the gym. However, this is now 2017! There are so many ways to ensure you can do a workout — even if your own bedroom. Girls, just make sure to wear a sports bra!

YouTube Workouts: There’s no easier way to do a workout from your room than by searching for one on YouTube! Simply type in what you’re after — yoga, legs and bums,  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) — and the length of the workout you want. Some of our favourite Youtube ‘trainers’ are Carly Rowena and Lucy Wyndham-Read. Lucy creates specific workout series for each month — HIIT (all around four minutes), How To, etc. — and Carly shows you her workout routines as well as recipes and the best fitness apps!

Resistance Bands: Although this requires you to actually purchase some resistance bands, some are as cheap as £5 for a set of three on Amazon, and once you have them the amount of workout possibilities are endless. Whether you focus on a specific area like arms for example, or do a full body blitz, the added resistance will ensure you’ll feel it working the next morning. Some packs even come with a workout guide — bonus!

Instagram Workouts: Similar to YouTube Workouts, people have now started to upload workouts on Instagram (Carly Rowena who I mentioned above now does this!). Instagram is different to YouTube in that you can now save videos or images in order to find them again easily. So get saving and you’ll start having a backlog of workouts to get through!


Fitness DVDs: Fitness DVDs are a great way to start exercising! Although there may be an initial cost, it’s worth it in the long run (especially if you compare it to the price of a gym membership). There’s so many to choose from as well so do your research and see which one suits your needs for the best price!

Get Creative: Get creative and use some kitchen essentials to increase the burn! Using tins and weights is a great addition to a lunge and using a chair to ensure you get the perfect squat is an easy way to add to a workout without adding to the cost! 

So don’t worry about not being able to hit the gym; with these examples, you’ll be able to say, ‘I Can’t Do It!’ no matter what.

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