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Drink safe water, wherever you are

By Drinksafe-Systems
Drink safe water, wherever you are

​See http://www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk for details.

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Safe drinking water is the one essential that everyone misses off the packing list.

Fact: You need to hydrate safely wherever you are by drinking at least 2 – 3 litres of water a day.

Hotels and guesthouses overseas may draw water from dubious holding tanks, wells or long pipe runs and the water may not have been pre-treated, potentially harbouring cryptosporidium occysts, E-Coli, parasitic worms and other disease-carrying waterborne critters.

Waterborne diseases may not manifest immediately but feeling sick, vomiting and diarrhea are unpleasant whatever country you are in, curtailing deadlines and altering timetables. Once sick, the dilemma is that you will need to re-hydrate and you will need to do so safely.

Fact: You may get sick whilst travelling by eating food that has been improperly prepared or drinking water which is not as safe as it appears. Even bottled waters can be unsafe.

Our solution is UK tested and sold worldwide.

Drinksafe-Systems have a range of products and all are proven, UK Government tested and supply safe water wherever you are. They are easy to use for instant safe water.

The range comprises ultralight robust drinking water hydration bottles, Travel Tap and Eco stainless bottles, personal Waterstraws, inline Aquaguard systems for hydration reservoirs and waterbags, all fitted with patented filter technology that removes everything which bad water harbours, including bacteria, pathogen, viruses and anthrax. In short, this is a mini water drinking processing plant.

Clear water does not mean safe water.

Just handling ice in a drink can leads to sickness and frankly, lying on your back for 2-3 days is not pleasant especially if you have deadlines and timetables to meet.

Drinksafe-Systems have also been proven to remove pre-treated water thereby improving water quality with no associated bad taste.

You can also use the water system for brushing teeth, washing and flushing wounds and eye irrigation.

studentguide.com drinking safe water tips:

  • Avoid ice in water
  • Hydrate a little and often — if sick, hydrate with a safe-system
  • If in an area of endemic water-associated problems, dosing water is a good practice —  Drinksafe filters are proven to remove these and work up to 1600 litres, incorporating ‘Auto-shutdown’ when filter life reached
  • Avoid drinking water from static sources or, where unclear, avoiding sediment in water is good practice. For more info see http://www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk/worldwide-testing.php.

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