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Magic in return for beer tokens

By Sj.Cliff
Magic in return for beer tokens

We’ve all got one – a friend that loves to hog the limelight with that one hilarious, if dated, party trick. Whether it’s a celebrity impression, contorting body parts into strange shapes or simply going through with a dare to down a pint of something very ominous-looking, there’s a joker in every group.

But what if we told you that you could be the one churning out the party tricks and win beers off your mates while you’re at it? Gala has come up with some simple magic tricks for you to master to baffle your mates(and if you do it right, you’ll emerge the winner), and then put them into simple GIFs to illustrate exactly how they’re carried out.

Here, we take a look at three of the best:

1. The banknote and the bottle

The challenge: The simplest of tricks, all you need is a bank note (of any value), and an empty bottle, before challenging a friend to pull the note from underneath the upturned bottle without it toppling over.

The play:

• Place the note on the table, making sure it’s flat, and place the bottle, neck down, on top
• Take your time to carefully and slowly roll up the note away from you, and the bottle will gradually move down the note
• Once the bottle is very nearly at the end of the note, that is the time to give the money a quick, swift pull, and the bottle should remain in place! Your friends will be kicking themselves for not logically thinking their way around that one, and their wallet will be lighter for it!

2. He who drinks quickest

The challenge: Confidently tell your friend that you bet you can drink three halves quicker than they can down three shots. There are only two rules: players can only move on to the next drink once their current one is gone, and they aren’t allowed to touch their rival’s cups.

The play:

• Line the rows of three drinks up opposite each other
• As your friend knocks back the first two shots, make sure you finish your first half as quickly as possible
• When you’ve finished that one, place your empty cup upside down over your friend’s remaining shot – but be careful that you don’t touch their glass! The beauty of this is that they aren’t allowed to touch your glass, so you can take the opportunity to sup up your remaining drinks before smugly packing them off to the bar to get the next round in!

3. Clutching at straws

The challenge: Bet your mates that they can’t get the contents of a bottle of beer into a cup using only a straw. As the puzzled looks cross their faces attempting to work this one out, you think about your plan of attack.

The play:

• Place the straw into the bottle, and the glass needs to be placed right next to it
• Bend the straw at such an angle that it’s pointing right down into the glass, cover the rim of the bottle with your mouth and blow…
• … and keep blowing. This will send the bottle’s contents up through the straw and down into the glass, winning you yet another beer token and the respect of your mates for demonstrating such sheer intelligence!

Now you’re armed with the knowledge to impress your mates – and hoodwink them out of a few drinks! – You can look forward to your next gathering, if only for the looks on their faces as you blow their minds.

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