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Dating outfit tips for girls

By TheStudentGuide
Dating outfit tips for girls

Deciding what to wear is probably the trickiest decision you’ll have to make when planning for a first date and that can often be because you don’t know what you’ll actually be doing. 

Whether watching a film, going for a meal or taking part in something a little different, you want to look beautiful and attractive but you also need to be dressed practically — how can you indulge in sparkling and interesting conversation if you can’t stop thinking about how much your feet hurt?

To avoid these mishaps and more, here is our guide to outfit-picking for girls.

Pick your shoes carefully

We’re not saying go dowdy, but you should definitely opt for something comfortable. Being able to walk is a distinct advantage and there’s nothing worse than watching someone totter round on shoes which are clearly too high for her. Go for a low to mid heel for a little bit of glam.

Class not crass

We all know that the aim of a date is to get to know someone and to show them how great you are, but that does not mean putting everything you have on show; leaving some things to the imagination can actually enhance the effect. Shock horror. Opt for boobs OR pins and floaty garments are usually better than short skin-tight ones — this is only the first date after all.

Don’t look like you’ve tried too hard

You may spend hours deliberating over what to wear and a couple more applying your decision, however he shouldn’t know that. Equally, you don’t want it to look like you’ve just throw on the first things you’ve picked up so aim for a happy medium.

A splash of colour goes a long way

Blacks and greys can look utterly dazzling but you should also remember that you want to make an impression. We’re not saying bright and garish but sometimes being a little daring pays off so try topping up that outfit with splashes of colour here and there. Accessories, shoes and nails are all lovely colour outlets and a red lipstick can work wonders.

Be yourself

Over and above all of this advice though, you should remember to just be yourself. Don’t wear anything you don’t feel comfortable in or do anything you’re not comfortable with because at the end of the day if this chap is worth sticking with, he’s gonna need to fit into your routine. Make the most of what your assets are and go with that; chances are if he's on a date with you in the first place, he’ll already be appreciating you for you. Let your outfit choice reflect your personality and you'll be on to a winner.

All that remains now is to relax, let the conversation flow, and have a lovely first date. Good luck in all your Valentine's Day endeavours!

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