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Bust that gut!

By Sophie
Bust that gut!

For the past week the UK has basked in radiant sunshine. It’s been an ice-cream, cold beer, barbecue dream, however, in true British form, it has also given rise to the horrors of the gut parade...

Admittedly, we can’t all be walking around with wash board tums, however a slender belly is a sign of overall low body fat, which can only be good for our health!

If you want to tone up this summer, and radiate confidence when you step out onto your local high street for a sup on something sweet, why not try the following fat busters?

1. Road run

Running is fantastic because it burns calories fast, and works all of your muscles. Forget expensive gym fees and stuffy, sweaty gym atmosphere; road running gets you out in the fresh air. Another advantage of running is that you can go at your own speed. Even if you start off at a snail paced jog, keep at it and you’ll soon be flying along!

2. Dance

Going out for a boogie is sure to get your pulse up and the calories burning! A good dance session will work your inner core muscles and improve agility. Most people look pretty sexy on the dance floor too, and the social interaction of dancing will improve your mood no end!

3. Skip

Skipping is a fantastic cardio work out. On days when you don’t feel like running, skipping to cool, motivating music for 20 minutes will still provide a great fitness boost, and remember, the more you do, the better you feel!

4. Swim

Swimming is another amazing option for those days when a puff around the park is beyond your capabilities. Aim to keep your heart rate up, and enjoy the extra support which the water provides for your joints. All the muscles in your body are worked by swimming, and you will soon see and feel the benefits.

5. Aerobics

If you’re a guy then the idea of jumping around a mirrored room with a load of women may be a rather scary prospect, however believe us guys and girls, there ain’t nothing like aerobics to make you feel the burn! Have a look online and try out your local or uni class!

If you love the thought of all this fitness, but don’t know where to start, check out our Pinterest page devoted to getting you fit this summer. It comes complete with great motivational tracks, a kit must have list, nutritional niceties and even more work out tips! You can also check out Eat yourself brainy: not only are these meals great for your powers of concentration, these are also nuitritionally balanced, tasty and healthy! 

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