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Boys, revamp your clothes

By TheStudentGuide
Boys, revamp your clothes

A guide to how to (successfully) tie dye and bleach yourself a new West Coast wardrobe.

As January’s loan draws to a close, you’re probably a) cursing all those drinks you bought and b) feeling pretty sorry for yourself — no new clothes for you for a while! However, as luck would have it, the colours and styles on trend at the moment are really simple and easy to create yourself. So, grab your old t-shirts and your jeans and prepare for your wardrobe makeover!

Tie dye

What you will need:

  • Something to tie dye — an old t-shirt or shirt will do the trick. Cotton, hemp and silk work best for tie dying so aim to use something at least 60% one of these. You can tie dye jeans, but for a bang on trend look, stick with the tops!
  • A rubber band, hair bobble or string to tie your clothes with
  • A good fabric dye. Simply Spray Dye and Rit Dye are two relatively cheap types which work well. Choose colours that work well together such as purples, blues and greens or black, purple and navy for a more grungy number
  • Rubber gloves — remember these, they are IMPORTANT!
  • A large bucket which you don’t mind getting stained. It needs to be able to hold 3— 5 gallons, and you should also locate some form of spoon or stick to stir with. A twig is good
  • Salt to fix the dye


  1. Lay your t-shirt flat out and fold, scrunch or tie as you like. For a spiral shape, scrunch at the centre and twist and remember to tie up tight.
  2. Submerge into a salt solution – this will allow the dye to set better.
  3. Prepare the dye as per instructions and apply your rubber gloves.
  4. If you’re using more than one colour, start with the lightest first and dip in your shirt section by section. If you’re just using the one colour, you can submerge completely. A little bit of white space can be nice but don’t leave too much because it may look patchy and like you’ve done it yourself...which is a look we’re aiming to avoid!
  5. Wait 5 —10 minutes, unwrap and lay flat to dry. Et voila!


What you will need:

  • Clothing to dye — bleaching works brilliantly on pale jeans or shorts, but will work just as well on a denim shirt
  • A bleach solution made up of bleach and water
  • A bowl, bucket or something to mix in
  • Rubber gloves — maybe you could use that old pair you used to tie dye your shirt last week?


  1. Mix your bleach solution by adding 1 part bleach to 3 parts water.
  2. Wet your item of clothing in some water — this will allow the bleach solution to process better.
  3. To apply the solution to the jeans you can pour, spray, sponge or flick with an old toothbrush. Experiment on something disposable first to find the look that you want and then apply to the front and then the back of your garms. You can also tie your jeans up like you would to tie dye and completely submerge them in the solution for about 2 hours.
  4. If you’ve taken the option not to submerge, rinse the bleach solution off after 5 minutes and then rinse the jeans in cold water.
  5. Machine wash to set for any method. Use the Rinse setting and wash completely alone to avoid ruining any other clothes!


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