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Birmingham student area enforces breathalysing tests

By Editor
Birmingham student area enforces breathalysing tests

Students who plan on pre-drinking in the Birmingham student area of Selly Oak may have to think twice before downing a second shot of tequila as breathalysing tests might be being introduced at the union's club night Fab and Fresh, as well a nearby pubs and shops.

It is believed that the members of West Midlands Police will be allowed to shoo anyone away who is believed to be too drunk.

The Guild of Students Vice President of Welfare, Frankie Greenwell has responded to criticism that they are being put in place to curb students' fun.

Discussing why these measures are being considered, Greenwell said they are being used 'as a way for people to understand how much alcohol correlates to what percentage blood alcohol volume (how many Micrograms per 100 ml). The second as an objective means by which security staff can assess the level of intoxication an attendee is.'

Speaking further, Greenwell also commented on how it will potentially hinder crime:

'To give you some context this scheme was trialed for an 8 week period in other areas, leading to a 32% reduction in violent crime in the area and a 66% reduction in drunk and disorderly calls the police received.'

Sergeant Simon Williams of West Midlands Police has said that they are trailing the event at the latter part of the month due to the increase in disorderly conduct at this time.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail he said: “We also have a very large student population and we have seen a pattern between the end of October and December of increases in public place violence linked to alcohol.

‘We see increases in arrests and assaults, especially on student nights on Wednesday and on Fridays and Saturdays.’

Some say the proposed scheme will hamper the student experience. A bar crawl like pub golf, for instance, will be very tricky to conduct unless everyone drinks pints of elderflower cordial for the first three drinking holes.

Are you student at Birmingham or Nottingham and Loughborough where it has already been introduced? What do you make of the plan? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.



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