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Beach bodies

By TheStudentGuide
Beach bodies

After what seemed like an eternity of cold weather, never-ending snow and actual pain whenever leaving the comforts of a centrally heated home, we don’t want to tempt fate or anything but it might be possible that it’s actually getting warmer! So with summer (fingers crossed) in the not too distant future, now is the time to drag yourself out of the winter slump and start being proactive if you want to have an enviable beach bod for your summer hols!




It’s now lighter in the evenings (woohoo!) so get your housemates out and go for a run, play football, sign up to a dance class. Ultimately try and do something you’ll enjoy because it’s all very well vowing to do a hard-core circuit training sesh 3 days a week but let’s face it, unless you’ve got ridiculous will-power, you’re going to give up after the first 10 minutes.

Exercise will also give you a break from revision stress and get those endorphins going so that when you do settle back down with your books you’ll feel fresh and motivated.




Healthy eating

Drastic quick-fix diets may seem like they work but they often give superficial results, and as soon as you eat something slightly unhealthy, the pounds pile back on again. So eat healthily but allow yourself treats along the way. Salads may evoke images of rabbit food but they don’t have to be boring. Be adventurous and try new ingredients. Avocado seems to be a favourite among the health-conscious these days.   


Many a person’s downfall when it comes to trying to lose a few pounds. Just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any calories. If you insist that you can’t possibly go tee-total, just make sure you burn those calories on the dance-floor!



Sleep is a part of life that many students sacrifice. Whether it be pulling an all-nighter in order to panic-finish an assignment, or yet another night out, sleep deprivation will soon catch up on you. It will mean a serious lack of motivation to do anything, let alone exercise, and will lead to a greater temptation to succumb to a quick sugar or caffeine boost. So without trying to sound too much like your parents, don’t burn yourselves out. We all know student houses aren’t exactly the quiestest places to sleep. Get some earplugs and that way you won’t have a rude awakening when your housemate brings home a new acquaintance at 3am.


Take this info on board and come summer time the beach won't know what's hit it!





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