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Au Naturel

By TheStudentGuide
Au Naturel

It's your beauty duty!

The cosmetics industry has experienced a bit of a makeover in recent years. Whether you like a little or a lot, natural makeup is changing the face of your slap. 

What is natural makeup?

Natural makeup, as the name suggests, is makeup made from natural products. They are free from chemicals and are usually made from plants and minerals.

Why this is good for your face?

Because they’re made from natural products, rather than manufactured chemicals, plant-based cosmetics and beauty products are reportedly less likely to clog up your pores and cause blemishes.

That isn’t all though. Natural products are not only good for your outsides, but your insides too. Back in 2007, The Telegraph reported that women who use normal makeup everyday absorb almost 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies through their skin.

Besides all this, unprocessed products supposedly work better than their chemical counterparts. Although this comes down to personal opinion, many women favour the more light-weight quality of mineral products, compared to the claggy thickness of chemical-heavy slap.

Why is natural makeup good for everybody else?

This type of makeup is more planet-friendly, due to the lack of chemicals involved. High-quality natural products are ideally grown without the aid of harmful pesticides and herbicides, meaning that the people involved in the production and manufacture of your makeup are not exposed to potentially life-threatening toxins.

It also means that animal testing is much less likely to take place, not only because these companies tend to be more ethical anyway; but also because natural ingredients are much more trusted than chemicals.

How can you tell if your makeup is natural?

This can be a bit of a tricky one. At the moment, there is no legal trading-standards definition for what ‘natural’ makeup actually means. This makes it hard to regulate. In other words, many companies will milk the natural makeup cash-cow by exaggerating how ‘natural’ their goods actually are.

Many makeup and cosmetic products will use natural extracts, but that does not mean that they are fully natural – they may still contain chemicals. There is also the question of whether or not the natural products used are organic. We’ve all heard of organic fruit and veg – organic makeup is very similar. In order to be classified organic, a makeup must not only be made of natural products, but those natural products must be proven to be grown without the aid of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Nivea Pure and Natural
Earlier this year, beauty giants Nivea launched their new Pure and Natural range. Although not 100% natural (95% of the ingredients are of natural origin), the range is free from parabens (a type of preservative chemical), silicones, colourants and mineral oils. Nivea is also against animal-testing, and is involved in Plan, an international child development charity. The range starts from as little as £3.05. 

Boots Botanics
Boots Botanics range doesn’t use just any old plants. The range is created with the help of the Royal Botanic Gardens, resulting in what are allegedly “scientifically proven formulations”. Although the whole range is pretty good, there are a few products which are specifically ‘organic’ and derived from sustainable sources. As a bonus, Botanics cotton pads are Fair Trade approved.

Body Shop Nutriganics
Everybody knows that the Body Shop is a leading campaigner against animal testing, and all of their products use loads of different planty ingredients. They also have a specific Nutriganic range, which is certified fully organic, manufactured from community grown babassu oil. The coconut used in Body Shop coconut products is also organically grown by certified farmers.

Lush concoctions not only smell great, but they also have excellent green credentials. They are anti-animal testing and use natural ingredients sourced from sustainable and ethical community projects from all over the world. They actively use as little packaging as possible (they are responsible for the first ever bottle-less solid shampoo), they keep their air-freighted imports to a minimum, and they contribute significant sums each year to charities.

Une creates eco-makeup that is readily available in highstreet stores such as Boots. The company is eco-certified, using sustainable sources wherever possible. They use no parabens or silicones, and Une packaging is specifically designed for refills and recycling. Although the company isn’t 100% organic, they are well-over halfway there.

Aveda is one of the biggest producers of organic beauty products. They are the largest purchasers of organic jojoba oil, rosemary oil, yiang yiang oil from Madagascar, and rose and lavender oils from Bulgaria. They work closely with the communities around the world who produce these natural ingredients, and use responsible packaging. They sell a whole range of grooming products, everything from haircare to the first certified organic perfume.

Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals is a range of makeup composed of 100% naturally occurring minerals. Their most popular product is their bareMinerals foundation, a light powder that is free preservatives, talc, oil, and fragrance. bareMinerals foundation also offers SPF15 protection.

Nvey is an internationally renowned brand, favoured by many for their natural-ethos. Although the products are a tad pricey, they are high-quality, produced to a professional makeup-artist standard. The company is Australian, however you can buy these items on www.naturisimo.com.

butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquers
butter London’s 3 Free is an innovative nail polish brand that uses natural ingredients. The formula contains no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP and no carcinogens. Fear not, butter still manages to capture the hottest colours – the 3 Free range boasts over 50 nail-brightening shades.

Lavera has been creating natural products for a long time. The company formed way back in 1987, and today is a leading natural makeup website. Not only are the cosmetics ethically sourced, from certified organic farmers, but they’re also good for people with sensitive skin, as they use no synthetic perfumes, dyes or preservatives. As well as makeup, Lavera has perfumes, toiletries and items for men and children. 

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