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Are you a rhubarb or an apple?

By Sj.Cliff
Are you a rhubarb or an apple?

Anyone who likes to dress well is familiar with the shape system. For years terms like hourglass and athletic have been key in picking clothes that suit your body shape.

But Debenhams have “revolutionised” the way people pick clothes by creating a shape guide using fruit and vegetables. After finding out 86% of customers were confused when it came to dressing their figure, is a veg-comparison really the best way to go?

For the girls, fruits are used to describe the body shape:

Rhubarb: A small chest and boyish body with slim hips and legs. (Cara Delevigne)

Double cherry: Similar curvy chest and hips with a little waist. (Kim Kardashian)

Strawberry: Broader shoulders with a wider chest, bit of a tummy and slim legs. (Demi Moore)

Apple: Voluptuous chest, bit of a tummy and slim legs. (Jessica Simpson)

Pear: Small bust coupled with narrower shoulders and hips and larger hips and thighs. (J-Lo)


Whereas boys are described as vegetable shapes:

Aubergine: Rounded shoulders and slim arms with a bit of a tummy; larger bottom optional. (Jay-Z)

Beetroot: Medium shoulders and a large chest and tummy with smaller hips and legs. (Jack Black)

Leek: Slim shoulders, hips and legs. (Peter Crouch)

Parsnip: Wide shoulders with a well-defined chest, slim hips and a perky bum. (Hugh Jackman)


So what veg do you think you are? If you can even pick one to begin with!

Let us know what you think of this alternative style guide with a cheeky tweet or fb post!

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