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Alternative Valentine’s Day gifts

By TheStudentGuide
Alternative Valentine’s Day gifts

Out with the crap and in with the gifts that we actually want to receive.

So we’re all aware that Valentine’s Day presents can be pretty cheesy; the cringe-y teddy bears, the predictable chocolates, the excessive use of hearts over everything in sight. According to the National Retail Federation, the average amount spent by a man on a Valentine’s Day gift is £105.02 — that’s probably going to be somewhat lower for students, but the point still stands that we are spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day crap. So here’s a list of alternative gift ideas which come in a little cheaper and smack of thought and consideration. Let’s put a stop to rubbish Valentine’s Day presents.

Heart straws

If saying I love you with flowers and an acoustic guitar is cliché then do it with a milkshake. These straws are super cute, comforting and sweet and far less predictable than your average Valentine’s Day gift. Enjoy a drink together an d inject romance back into your beverages.

Price: £5 | Buy

Chocolate Pizza

We all like chocolates and we all like pizza so why not combine the two? This 10” offering is made from Belgian chocolate by skilled chocolatiers and sure does look like a tasty treat. With smooth milk chocolate slices, white chocolate star, Smarties, honeycomb balls and milk chocolate shavings, stick a film on, put your feet up and open up this pizza box of delicious.

Price: £18 | Buy

Love Hearts tea lights

Modelled on the classic sweeties, these Love Hearts tea lights come in a packet of cute-as-a-button pastel colours. They have a light vanilla fragrance and burn for a good amount of time and each pack contains two ‘love me’, two ‘hug me’ and two ‘kiss me’ lights. Take a trip back to the back of the classroom with these gorgeous little treats.

Price: £5.99 | Buy

Colour Me Gosling colouring book

Ryan Gosling is a classic girls-want-him / boys-want-to-be-him kinda guy so what better gift to give than this lovely colouring book of him and his face? With 15 pages of illustrations of Gosling driving, eating, sitting and kissing, colour in the dishy details and try to remain inside the lines without getting distracted. Boys and girls.

Price: £7.99 | Buy

Mix Tape USB stick

Mix tapes are one of the most original gifts around and if you remember back all those years to when you would put time and effort into recording a set of choice songs onto a tape to give to someone you may ask, why change? It’s true, the concept of a mix tape is one that perhaps least readily lends itself to modernisation. However, we think these USB sticks are pretty neat. Create your playlist, place the stick inside the tape-style gift pack and write your message inside for a mix tape that is way more readily accessible — but think carefully, you only have 90 minutes to fill.

Price: £20 | Buy

Hamburger sweater

Girls, we all know that there is precious little we could get a boy which would make him happier than food does. So how about this nifty hamburger sweater which combines food and clothing and manages to look garishly swell in the process? We’re pretty sure it doesn’t smell so greasy either...

Price: £39.99 | Buy

Anatomical heart jelly mould

Ever wanted to make heart shaped jellies? Well now you can make then correct to the finest detail with this anatomical mould. Your partner will definitely see the funny and not the disgusting side of these moulds which is why they’re sold out almost everywhere. Grab one quick before they run out for the big day this year.

Price: £10.99 | Buy

Three night Dracula’s castle adventure in Romania

And if you have cash coming out of your ears, money to burn and a relationship that looks like it’s going to last, why not splash the cash on this amazing adventure to Dracula’s castle? Here’s the agenda:

Day 1: Arrive in Bucharest and transfer to hotel
Day 2: Travel to Transylvania, visiting Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) and Rasnov Fortress, as well as enjoying lunch at Wolf Restaurant.
Day 3: Visit Sinia, where you'll receive a tour of Peles Castle before enjoying lunch and transferring back to Bucharest.
Day 4: Transport to the airport and leave Bucharest.

With all accommodation included on a B&B basis and a free welcome drink on arrival, this is the ultimate package.

Price: £624.99 | Buy

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