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8 Honest Festival Beauty Tips

By Ella Downing
8 Honest Festival Beauty Tips

Forget what you’ve read in glossy mags about expensive grooming products that are festival beauty 'essentials'.  What use is a £35 Mac foundation when you can’t even get to your face through layers of dirt and sweat. The reality is that no one looks like Beyonce at a festival, especially if you’re camping. These honest tips will help you look moderately presentable despite the circumstances. 

1. Baby wipes. An oldie but a goodie, yesterday's makeup is never a good look so get rid with a wipe. Can also be used for 'showers'...

Kid putting on makeup badly

2. Dry shampoo. Bad hair days are inevitable when you're braving the elements at a festival, but dry shampoo will help to do some damage control at least for a day or two.

Anne Hathaway in the Princess diaries

3. Glitter. Spots? cover them with glitter. Bags under your eyes? cover them with glitter. Muddy legs? you guessed it- glitter them up because well GLITTER!!

Glitter cannon

4. Hair accessories. By day 3 or 4 of the festival, your dry shampoo will be struggling so just cover your hair with whatever you can find, hats, scarfs, clips, bows, ribbons, bin bags literally ANYTHING.

cats in paper hats.

5. Perfume. After days without a shower you're probably going to smell pretty bad, so load up with a strong perfume and try and keep your arms clamped to your sides at all times.

Marylin Monroe with perfume

6. Water. Probably the most important tip, after sweating it out in the crowd stay hydrated to keep yourself feeling almost human.

7. Suncream and moisturiser. Let's be honest, the chances are that you'll forget to take on enough water. Therefore prevent that crispy look by loading up with suncream and moisturiser.

Ross in friends with a bad spray tan

8. Coat. A coat is a must at a festival because a. It probably will be cold at some point and b. you can just cover yourself up with it so no one can see how bad you look. 

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