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16 emotions you go through on Christmas Day

By Sj.Cliff
16 emotions you go through on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is basically an emotional roller coaster. They’ll be some highs, some lows, a loop de loop and a definate chace of sickness and nausia. But, you can’t deny it's one of the greatest days of the year and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

6 am – Excitement

You’re so unbelievably excited that you’ve woken up at 6 am – wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Normally this time of day is a complete no go, but today is the greatest day of the year! You remind yourself that you’re no longer 6 years old and this is not an appropriate time to wake up your parents.


8 am – Anxious

“Helloooo! Why is no one else up yet?” You start to feel anxious that everyone else is going to sleep through Christmas Day!



10 am – Relieved

You hear murmurs and rustling – which means only one thing CHRISTMAS HAS FINALLY STARTED! You leave your room all casual and pretend that you haven’t been waiting for someone to get up for the last four hours.



11 am – Hysterical

You can't contain your excitement anymore "Hellooooo presents!" - this is the greatest day ever.

11.15 am – Disappointed

“How many more bath gift sets does one person need?”


12 pm – Deflated

Present opening is over and you feel a little lost - like "What do we do now?"



1 pm – Content

You’re wearing your fresh, new Christmas PJ’s/Christmas outfit, you’ve got a Bucks Fizz in one hand, a selection box in the other and Elf is on the TV – If this isn't the dream, then we don't know what is. 



2.30 pm – Hangry

“Where’s the damn Christmas dinner?!” You start to go into a strop because there’s no sign of pigs in blankets being ready and in your belly anytime soon! 



3 pm – Glee

EATING! Eating everything in sight!


4 pm – Accomplished

You pat yourself on the back for the tremendous effort you put in at the dinner table – you’d also like to thank the guy who made elasticated trousers. 



4.15 pm – Distress

You start to Google whether you can die from eating too much – the pain in your gut is unreal.



5 pm – Wonder

After 45 minutes of rubbing your belly, you start to wonder whether you can fit in a dessert – Mince Pie anyone?



6 pm – Embarrassment

The board games come out and you’re trying not to vom at the sexual innuendos that are been branded around by your weird Uncle.



7 pm – Drunk

Technically not an emotion but it's the only word which can describe this time of the night.



8 pm – Curious

Someone’s mentioned the beige buffet, and you’re contemplating whether you can fit anything else into your stomach.


11 pm – Drained

It’s been a long loooong day! You’ve eaten and drank everything in sight and now you’re about to pass out in a massive food/drink coma – Ah we love Christmas!




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