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10 things to to expect if you’re a first-time voter

By Editor
10 things to to expect if you’re a first-time voter

We hyped you up a couple of weeks ago about it and now the day's final here! It's the last chance to register to vote.

"But how does it go down on voting day?" you may be asking if you're new to the game. Well, being someone lucky enough to have voted previously, here's what to expect.

You search around the house looking for your polling card. Spoiler: your dummy of a housemate tidied it with your takeaway menu collection.


You ask your housemates if they want to join you on your quest, which may or may not result in a solo mission.


You traipse all the way to your nearest station: either a dusty church or a dusty primary school.


You wait in line, making sure to not provoke any political unrest.


You see someone from your high street and awkward avoid eye contact.


You register your name with a dusty old woman/man.


You head into a cloaked cubicle.


You see the names on your sheet and either put an X next to the candidate whose policies you most identify with, or..


You draw some genitals on the sheet and spoil your ballot.


You then merrily walk home, happy that you've taken part in democracy (kinda).

It's that simple, guys. So if you want to take part, be sure to register today. Here's the link.

Oh, and on the day, forget about fun TV; it's going to be 24/7 general election-centric. Although, I do hear the delightful David Mitchell and rabid Jeremy Paxman are co-hosting Channel 4's coverage, which might be nice.

Let us end with the best clip of last week:


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