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Video of the day

By TheStudentGuide
Video of the day

Thursday 5th September


Don't think we'd find it funny either



Wednesday 21st August


Best Song Ever uncut exclusive



Monday 19th August



Words of wisdom from Ashton Kutcher





Friday 16th August


Just because we thought a picture wasn't enough





Wednesday 14th August






Friday 9th August


This is our Friday tune




Wednesday 7th August



"I'm above the Law"






Tuesday 6th August


Doctor Fucking who





Monday 5th August






Friday 2nd August





Wednesday 31st July


14 seconds in people...



Tuesday 30th July



Try this now.




Monday 29th July


"I think i just came in my panties." her words not our's.




Friday 26th July



Go Bwaaaah...



Thursday 25th July


One of those days? Think our Editor might sympathise...



Wednesday 24th July


What's a dog toaster?



Tuesday 23rd July


Moral of the story... don't flick your hair when you're sat by a fan



Thursday 18th July


An alternative way to make a bachelor party fun




Wednesday 17th July



Call me maybe?... or not after that throw



Tuesday 16th July


Elton John of the Sloth world



Monday 15th July



Tarzan dog 



Friday 12th July


Webcast fail... 




Tuesday 9th July


Ken Leee Tuliba Dibu Douchoo... 

This will never get old




Monday 8th July


Very cute




Friday 5th July


What's worse - losing your Iphone or having a carriage full of people witness it?




Thursday 4th July


Whale falls over




Wednesday 3rd July


Dreams of the called was ship Titanic N



Tuesday 2nd July


Not shaking his booty as much as the guy on the left...



Monday 1st July


Justin Bieber can apparently do no wrong... this is actually scary



Friday 28th June





Thursday 27th June


This is not something you see everyday...



Wednesday 26th June


Our personal fave... number 4




Tuesday 25th June


Statuette spinning by itself... really?




Monday 24th June


The stuff of nightmares....



Friday 22st June

This is weird but fucking funny....



Dont try this at home by the way..........



Thursday 20th June


In honour of the great man, RIP James Joseph Gandolfini Jr




Wednesday 19th June


Prize for the most awkward advert to watch with your parents goes to....

The sound effects alone are enough to put you off milkshakes for a while




Thursday 13th June

Never has unsubscribing been so emotional

 Oh Kim....



Wednesday 12th June



A Dancing Giraffe

Still on a come down from the weekend? Watch this.....




Tuesday 11th June


USA Rugby Better than the Lions????

Is this cricket???



Monday 10th June


Coolest Grandma ever!

We think everyone should have a Grandma like this...




Friday 7th June


Way Hooo!

Somehow Cathy May manages to make this song even more incredible


Thursday 6th June


Team Man Vs Camel

The last guy oooowwns that camel ...



Tuesday 4th June


Stop horsing around

This is pretty spectacular...




Monday 3rd June

Coming out to your parents is hard

But we don't think you should tell them whilst massaging your lover like this...


Friday 24th May

Guy dances to Lil Jon at a baseball game

Damn, this guy really loves his job!


Wednesday 22nd May

Call the Pow-lice!

This is just mental. You just don't see shit like this in Birmingham.


Tuesday 21st May

Like the ceiling can't hold us

Made us jump too 



Monday 20th May

Harry Potter on crack

Pure magic. 


Friday 14th May

10 chat up lines from a G, an absolute G

Form a queue girls.


Monday 14th May


Best karaoke ever?

This will definitely brighten up your day!






Friday 10th May

One for a future register...

We have timed this post so we don’t have to be near him in the office...



Thursday 9th May


We Give You The Most Powerful Country In The World

Future leaders of the free world....


Tuesday 30th April

Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherfucker' (Insane Office Escape 2)

This is amazing like bad mutherfucking amazing....


Friday, April 26

The Everly Pregnant Brothers - Hendo's

Condiments and taking the piss out of Coldplay, a gift from Sheffield to the world.


Thursday, April 25

Rejected high five compilation

There's nothing more demoralising and upsetting than being rejected for a high five.


Wednesday, April 24

Best bus stop ever

Qualcomm's fantastic campaign has gone viral in a matter of days. They said they wanted to make everyday life better with mobile and they certainly have brightened up our afternoon!




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