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Five people you’ll meet on Graduation Day

By Lisa Williams
Five people you’ll meet on Graduation Day

Graduation season is upon us with many students finally putting on their gowns to receive their well earned degrees. Graduation Day is an exciting day full of endless photographs and proud moments. We’ve selected the five people that you will encounter during your graduation ceremony.

1. The Dabber

This dance craze has already made appearances during this years Euro’s with footballers dabbing their way across the pitch after scoring a goal. Now this dance craze has wormed its way into graduation ceremonies with graduates celebrating completing their degrees with a celebratory dab on stage.

2. The Wobbly one

Everyone dreads falling over on stage at graduation. When you’re walking in high heels across a stage when you’re a teeny bit nervous it’s never going to end well, especially if you opt for a cheeky celebratory dance on stage.

3. The person you’ve never even seen before

With so many students on your course you’re bound to discover so many other students that you didn’t end up meeting during the whole three years of your university course. You’ll find yourself muttering to your friends ‘Does she even go here?’

4. The one who’s already had too many

Celebrating early with a few glasses of prosecco too many can lead you to becoming this person, the wobbly graduate stumbling across the stage eagerly waiting for the ceremony to end so that they can hit the bars. Will you even remember your graduation?

5. The over excited one

These are usually family members; as soon as their loved one’s name is called they lose control and go mental.


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