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The burden of karma

By Catherine Holdsworth
The burden of karma

Being single at uni can be so much fun but living free and easy brings consequences; karma is a bitch and once bitten, twice shy!

My girlfriends and I lived by those very rules whilst we were at university, enjoying the freedoms that single life can bring. But one night changed all that. My friend had pulled a solid nine out of ten, which was an honourable achievement and the night did not end when the lights went up on the dancefloor — she went back to his place to see how the other half live!

Living like this can be very risky however, especially when it comes to getting home. Valiantly, he offered her his hoodie and she willingly took it. Thinking that he’d ask for it back at a later date, nothing was thought of this exchange and our lives continued as normal. Or so we thought. Turns out that the owner of the hoodie was not man enough to ask for it back and we heard through the grapevine that he’d asked his friend to ask our friend if there could be a mutual exchange. It was shaping up to be a very bitter custody battle. The worry began to set in and my friend was plagued with guilt; the hoody stared at her every day, begging to be returned. How could such a great night have turned so sour?

After a year of seeing him everywhere, suddenly he was nowhere to be found. It was a turbulent term of panic, wondering if he was around the next corner or going to be out when we were. Their unfinished business hung over us all but eventually, term ended and graduation was nigh. Freedom was within reach, just a few more weeks...

A rather rash decision post night out on the final day of third term saw my housemate run into our living room wearing the hoodie and exclaiming “I’m free!” Never were famous last words spoken so prematurely.

Having revisited our university three times since graduation, she has seen him, you guessed it, every time. The first time, she had been off the train for only sixty seconds before he was glimpsed. They say the only way to go when you get to the top is down and so the burden of that illegal trophy still weighs heavy on her shoulders. Yet it is a physical reminder of the way we lived our lives and the fun we had.

The moral of the story? Be careful — being young, wild and free comes with consequences. Let this serve as a warning to you all, and if you don’t learn and it happens to you, at least you’ll have a great anecdote to tell, or at the very least, free clothes!

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