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The 12 stages of getting your A-level results

By Editor
The 12 stages of getting your A-level results

You wake up in a whirl of excitement and apprehension.

You get ready and then psyche yourself up in the mirror.

Your overly eager friend rings to tell you he/she is already there

…and they reveal how good their results are, which annoys you

So you set off as fast as possible to your college.

Upon arrival your teacher gives you an encouraging smirk.

But then you have to wait in line to get your results, making you a bit fretful.

You look to your right and see your worst enemy manically celebrating.

You finally get handed your envelope and you start to sweat...

You pull out the results sheet and…

It’s alllllllll gooooooooood!!!!

Finally, you set off to some sort of establishment where you can have a light refreshment in which to celebrate.


From all of us at The Student Guide, we hope you've done great! Tweet or Facebook us your results!

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