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The 10 stages of planning your first freshers party

By Sj.Cliff
The 10 stages of planning your first freshers party

The freshers nights are dying down, but your party animal spirit has only just started!

With the SU parties subsiding, you’re going to actually have to start planning your own nights out! This task is a little daunting, so you’re bound to go through these stages:


2 days before: If you don’t think about how much work this is going to be, a party’s an awesome idea!

But you can totally plan better after a few beers and a pizza.

1 day before: Oh yeah… we were supposed to be planning a party. WARN EVERYONE! Super nicely.

Now where on earth can you host this thing…

And should you invite that person? *privates the Facebook event*

12 hours to go: Now for the most important part! Booze cruise! Sort of.

Will you look a little lame if you decorate with PoundLand items?

4 hours to go: *smells armpit* A shower would be a brilliant idea right now.

1 hour to go: PANIC! People are coming over and the house still looks like the inside of a rubbish bin!

Doorbell rings: Quick scan of the room for breakables…

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