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Summer’s great and everything but…10 reasons why the sun’s getting on our nerves.

By Sj.Cliff
Summer’s great and everything but…10 reasons why the sun’s getting on our nerves.

Don’t get us wrong, the summer is amazing! We’re loving the sunshine really.

But with the warm weather comes a whole new season of problems that we’d totally forgotten about when we were freezing to death in January.

  • The mornings are still pretty chilly – It’s all well and good dressing for summer but shivering on the bus to work just isn’t sexy.

  •  We’re never sure how long it’s going to last – we’d love to sink our wages into a rockin’ summer wardrobe but you never know how long it’s going to stay nice.

  •  As soon as it hit’s 17 degrees most men are shirtless not too bad if the guys round here were Channing Tatum but they just aren’t.

  •  Sweaty isn’t sexy either – public transport, lifts, pretty much any close public spaces are now disgusting-er.

  •  After a day in the sun, our smartphones are just glorified doorstops – I know they can do a lot of things but that’s kind of useless if we want to take a sun selfie. Feel lost without them.

  •  And if they are actually working, we can’t see squat – if it isn’t the sun blinding us, then the glare from our screens will.

  •  The wasps are out – those stripy terrors of the skies just shouldn’t appear. Ever.

  •  We’re working :[ – it’s all well and good for you lot ad your summer break but its sooo annoying looking at the sun from a desk. We just want to run away!

  •  The mating call of the ice-cream van – both good and bad. One the one hand, “Wahoooooo, ice-cream!” but on the other it’s goodbye diet and any change you have in your pocket.

  •   It means winter isn’t far away! – we want it to stay sunny forever!


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