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Students make crisp boat to prove there’s too much air in their packets

By Editor
Students make crisp boat to prove there’s too much air in their packets

Every so often when you're living the university lifestyle, you'll have a few hours of respite, and most students will agree that they spend a lot of this time eating crisps. I know I do.

But a few plucky young students in South Korea decided to prove a belief that has needed some evidential backing for some time. That's right, the trio set out to show the world that crisp packets have too much air entombed inside and not another of the delicious potato-based snack.

To do this, they did what any normal educated person would do: they built a boat out of 160 crisp packets and attempted to row across the Hen River in Seoul.

Two of the three students, Yoo Seong-ho, 26, Jang Seong-taek, 25 succeeded in their mission to go from one side to other, and managed the 1.5 km distance in a mere 30 minutes.



Yoo, Jang and Park Hyun-soo, we applaud your efforts.

Speaking of his experiment, Yoo said: “I got the idea for this performance when I saw a picture of someone floating in a swimming pool by holding on to a snack bag. I hope that the confectionary companies will spend more time thinking about the issue of excessive packing from the perspective of the consumers."

We hope this is also is a warning to crisp manufacturers out there: put more crisps in your packets please, or else we will be forced to make a crispy cruise ship and set sail to all your headquarters and protest at your gates.

So do you think crisp packets are all air and no trousers? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

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