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Step up your game with these Pokemon Go tools

By Lisa Williams
Step up your game with these Pokemon Go tools

Its official, Pokemon Go has teleported the entire world back to the 90’s with one single app.

Everyone is glued to their phones as they try to takeover Gym’s and ‘catch em’ all’. Pokemon Go is now even more popular than Tinder, so instead of catching dates people are eagerly venturing out to catch Pokemon. Trying to take over gyms, level up and find the best Pokemon is a struggle but there are many online tools available to help you be the best Pokemon trainer around. Lucky for you Poke Assistant has combined the eight tools you’ll ever need into one place enabling you to defend gyms better and level up even quicker.

1. Pidgey Spam

The first tool available though Poke Assistant is Pidgey Spam, if you’re making the mistake of ignoring Pidgey’s on your Pokemon hunts then this tool will help you realise the potential of the Pidgey. This tool helps you make the most of the evolution process to find the perfect amount of Pokemon to transfer before using the ‘evolve batch tactic’. The ‘evolve bath’ tactic is when a player saves up their Pokemon to evolve at the same time whilst using a Lucky Egg to get the maximum amount of XP possible.

This tool isn’t just to be used with Pidgey’s; you can also use it for any type of Pokemon.

2. IV Calculator

Do you want to know if your Pokemon can be the very best? The IV (individual values) calculator tool will tell you the IVs of each Pokemon and allows you to view their maximum attack, defence and HP meaning you can raise the most powerful Pokemon possible.

3. Pokemon Rarity


Pokemon rarity differs from Pokemon to Pokemon, and the tool Pokemon Rarity will tell you how rare each different Pokemon is based on how many times the Pokemon has been sighted since the launch of Pokemon Go. This tool also details the percentage of the Pokemon that flee and the percentage that are captured.

4. Evolve Calculator

The Evolve Calculator is a Pokemon tool that everyone has seen before; this tool allows you to find out what CP your beloved Pokemon will get once it’s been evolved.  This is great if you’re struggling to decide which Pokemon to evolve!

5. Best Attackers

Taking over Gym’s is a tricky business so you need to make sure that you pick the best attackers to be at the top of your game.

6. Best Defenders

If you’re fed up of your best Pokemon being kicked out of a Gym then this tool will bring you one step closer to being the best Pokemon trainer in town. The Best Defenders tool lists every type of Pokemon from best to worst defending ability.

7. Move List

This handy list details every single possible move that a Pokemon can perform in Pokemon Go. The Move List tells you what moves are the best to have so you can raise the best Pokemon possible.

8. XP & Prestige

Trying to level up? This tool details how much XP you’ll need to reach each level. The XP & Prestige tool will also show you what items you will be rewarded at when you reached each level.


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