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R.I.P Colonel Meow

By Sj.Cliff
R.I.P Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow, the “Worlds Angriest Cat”, has died this week. The moggy was found on the side of the road in L.A 2 years ago and rose to internet stardom for his grumpy, yet adorable face.

As well as being the “Grumpiest”, The Colonel also held a Guinness World Record for being the longest furred cat.

To honour his memory, we’ve decided to take a look at the other feline stars that the web has created and their stories. Just click their names to read more.


Snoopy is renowned for nothing more than being adorable and if you look at the photo above you’ll understand why. His guardians spend their day dressing him in cute outfits and instagramming the hell out of him. We aren’t sure whether it’s his little pie face, giant eyes or tiny moustache that make him so cute, but little Snoops is awesome!



This Scottish fold is YouTube sensation for… jumping in boxes. In 2008 his owner started to put short videos of little Maru’s daily adventures and since then he’s been literally everywhere. Online anyway. With countless features  on tonnes of different videos, Maru now has over 420,000 followers and 244,219,350 views.


Nalacat is a beautiful rescue cat, raising awareness for animal rehoming with her gorgeous face. Yes she may be a little bit cross-eyed, but that only adds to her appeal. She has merch for you to buy, with a selection of her proceeds going to animal shelters.

Hamilton (the Hipster Cat)

Another ambassador for feline rehoming, Hamilton really is a cat for the modern age. His fur has created a natural hipster ‘tache (yes, he had it before it was cool) and his almost human expressions lead to some seriously cool photographs. Also with merch, be sure to check him out and donate!

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a special animal. Born with a collection of genetic anomalies, she’s truly one of the most unique animals on the net. For a full description of Bub’s conditions click here, but if you judt want the short version, Bub is a perma kitten with extra toes and a tongue that won’t sit in her mouth. Described by her “Dude” as  one of natures happiest accidents, she has raised over $60,000 for disabled pets charities.


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