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Picture of the day

By Editor
Picture of the day

Tuesday 24th September


Taking double denim to the next level... sooo much denim


Via www.ivillage.com


Thursday 5th September



Apparently cats love it!


Via tumblr

Wednesday 4th September



Mum jokes will never get old 



Monday 2nd September



Cry for help?





Monday 19th August



Spot the hotdogs


Via Tumblr


Friday 16th August







Wednesday 14th August


Sound familiar?




Via funpings.com

Tuesday 13th August




Via thepoke.co.uk

Friday 9th August


And why fucking not


Wednesday 7th August


This can be applied to all wars



Friday 2nd August



Near Climax


Thursday 1st August



The weird things you find on Twitter...


Wednesday 31st July


Whoever did this we will hunt them down....


Tuesday 30th July



Could be a mouthful.



Monday 29th July



A cat as????? 


Friday 26th July



Homer Titson


Via Twitter @Ladyfuckwit

Thursday 25th July


Just what you'd want to find under your sour cream


Via Twitter

Wedneaday 24th July


Too true


Via funnie.st

Tuesday 23rd July


How to ruin a proposal photo


Via imgur

Friday 19th July




Via Keegalo, Reddit

Thursday 18th July



You will never again have to fight for who uses the microwave first...



Wednesday 17th July


As you do...



Tuesday 16th July


He's real!



Via funnie.st

Monday 15th July


Just one of Jay-Z's 99 problems


Via probs99.tumblr.com

Friday 12th July



A cat who looks like a croissant


Tuesday 9th July


Same outfit every year and same moustache.. someone doesn't like change

Via: funpings.com

Monday 8th July



Maths is obviously not Corey's strongest point


Friday 5th July


It's uncanny


Thursday 4th July


Catching flies


Via funnie.st


Wednesday 3rd July


Tomato source?



Tuesday 2nd July


We feel his pain...


Via lmaoepic.com


Monday 1st July


Left the label in and put the top on inside out... wow 

Via Twitter


Friday 28th June


Chill out

Thursday 27th June


Someone's an Elmo fan...



Wednesday 26th June


Imagine if these were real...



Tuesday 25th June


This has to be a piss-take



Monday 24th June

Just when we thought it couldn't get any weirder than dogs in tights (see a few pics below)


Friday 21st June


Alternative sex toys??

Post exam stress relief.


Thursday 20th June


In honour of the great man... RIP James Joseph Gandolfini Jr


Wednesday 18th June

This would hurt if you stamped on it...


Tuesday 178h june 


We like the last rule best....

We also like him

Monday 17th june 


This is the best tattoo ever

We would think twice..... via:@ShitTats

Friday 14th June


Lost his fight with a vacuum cleaner...


A pout that Jordan would be proud of


Thursday 13th June


Toilet photos always seem like a good idea at the time


Wednesday 12th June

We want to be him...

Fucking out there.....





Tuesday 11th June


Blow up doll photo bomb.....

At least the dolls boobs look normal (see below)

Monday 10th June


Should have worn a bigger top?


Friday, June 7th


Family Christmas Card maybe??

We found this on twitter, bet the kids can't wait.


Monday, June 3rd 


They're leggings...

Thank fuck!


Friday, May 31st 

"So Morgan Freeman is playing me, who's playing you?" "Taylor Swift!"


Thursday, May 30th 

"I was wrong about that Naga Chilli"


Tuesday, May 28th 

An unfortunate choice of headlines

Spot the innuendo...


Friday, May 24th

A Game Of Loans!

Move over, Jon Snow! I have a degree and i'm not afraid to use it!


Via: Tumblr


Wednesday, May 22nd

An intimate moment with Fred & Wilma

Fred looks so confused. And so are we.

Via: ShitTats


Tuesday, May 21st

What a legend!

This guy puts you and your mates to shame.

Monday, May 20th

The creepiest thing on the internet?

Dogs in tights. If you have an overwhelming desire to save these images, you have a problem mate.

And one more, because we're kind like that, and this one is just too much...

Via: collegehumor.com

Friday, May 17th

Just add milk

Everyone go try this now.

Via: Twitter


Thursday, May 16th

When tanning goes grossly wrong

That poor kid will never look at a leather handbag the same again. 5 points if you thought she was wearing brown leggings. 10 points if you can spot her boobs.


Wednesday, May 15th

A permanent memory of the concorde disaster...

Because that's what everyone wants in a soft pastel hand drawing, right?


Via: Twitter


Thursday, May 9th

Walking Alone For the Rest of His Life...

No words...










Via: @cameron_Graham and @WankersFullKit


Wednesday, May 8th

Kanye inside Kim.....

Check out this accurate depiction of Kim's pregnancy. Unbelievable.

Via: Tumblr


Monday, May 7th


Nice one top one sorted...

Image: Sheffield Star

Via: Sheffield Star


Monday, April 29

Hey you Guys

Skate for life Man......















Friday, April 26

A touching Michael Jackson tribute

He did touch so many... Via @ShitTats

Thursday, April 25


We wish we could explain this to you, but we just can't.


Wednesday, April 24

Donkey in a well

He's probably dead now. Oh well.


Tuesday, April 23

Sloth Tattoo

This smug sloth is permanently inked into someones skin. Fair play.


Monday, April 22

Best photobomb ever

This will never get old.


Friday, April 19


Because sometimes apparating is just too much hassle.


Thursday, April 18

That was close!

I'm thinking this person probably shouldn't have a license... 


Wednesday, April 17

Best dog costume ever 

This is just killing us. It's one dog... that looks like two. Groundbreaking.


Tuesday, April 16

Badass goose is badass

How many innocent people lost their lives before this sign was displayed? Somebody get that goose an ASBO.

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