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One-night stand shockers

By TheStudentGuide
One-night stand shockers

Anonymous tales from between the sheets...

On Halloween in my first year, I brought a guy who was dressed like a zombie skeleton home with me after way too many Jägerbombs. I myself was one of the twins from The Shining and I was covered in a lot of fake blood. I'd forgotten that my room was being cleaned the next day and due to the nature of my, er, drunken revelry, the cleaner was lead to believe there had been 'an act of violence' committed in the room. She reported it to the head of cleaning and I had an inspection and interview later that day. I had to carefully cover my tracks by telling the concerned lady that the bloody hand, feet and face prints were in fake blood from my drunken flat mates, who were playing a prank. She left me with a hefty cleaning bill and I could tell she didn't buy it at all. Hot-blooded female, UEA

It was 3am and I was a bit worse for wear and hanging around outside a nightclub, when I saw a nice looking guy walk by and started chatting to him. I convinced him to walk me home and invited him in for ‘a glass of wine’, not that I actually had any wine. We had a bit of fun, woke my flat mates up in the process and then passed out. Next morning I slept in, turning up to work still drunk and an hour and a half late. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the guys’ name. Two and a bit years later and we’re still together and he’s still making fun of me for it! Going the distance, Edinburgh Napier

After a very heavy night, I once woke up next to a girl whose name I couldn’t remember. She was lying on her front and I could see that she had a tattoo of someone’s face on her back. To this day I swear on my life that it was my face. I was so freaked out that I left straight away and never saw her again. Restraining order, Sussex

After a rather drunken night out, I ended up going back to a guy’s house. He was lovely so I went home feeling guilt-free and looking forward to bumping into him again. That is, until I received a text message from him the next day alerting me to the fact that I’d sleepwalked into his parents’ room (who were unfortunately wide awake) early that morning, wearing only my bra and pants. Apparently his dad made a comment about “the visit” from his “ladyfriend” over breakfast along the lines of “your mother and I thought we were going to get lucky!” Oh dear. Sleepy Jean, Cambridge

After a rather debauched night with a guy at uni, I noticed that my favourite pair of pants had gone missing. I put it down to the mysterious washing machine monster or thought they’d turn up under my bed at some point. But a few weeks later, when I was showing my friend pictures of the guy on Facebook, I came across one of him holding up my pants like a trophy. In an album dedicated to trophy-pants of all his other ‘conquests’. Nice... Pantless & put out, Loughborough

Got any of your own horror stories? Let us know below.

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