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How to Have the Best Exam Results Party in 5 Steps

By Ella Downing
How to Have the Best Exam Results Party in 5 Steps

Hurray! You're free from exams without a care in the world, waking up at two every day and living off a diet of chips and beer- bliss. But exam results are looming, ready to rain on your parade. Fear not, here’s how to plan the best exam results day party, however well you’ve done, in 5 easy steps.


Step 1: Alcohol

A pretty obvious step, it is crucial that your party is plentiful with alcoholic beverages. The calculation is simple, bad results= oh well, let’s get drunk. Good results= yay! Let’s get drunk. After all, alcohol is a solution… Just keep an eye on HOW much those with bad results are drinking; we don’t want any water works.


Jimmy Fallon and drinks captioned 'you're my best friend'

Step 2: Detective Mode

Now it’s time to go all Sherlock Holmes and try and gauge how well other people have done. Those who did well will be easier read through their social media updates about how they just CAN'T believe they got 73 in THAT exam. However approaching those who are disappointed can be tricky. Asking vague questions like are you pleased with how this year’s gone? Or how’s your day been? should give you a good idea of how they've done.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes nodding

Step 3: Invitations

This step is heavily reliant on step two working sufficiently because it is crucial that your invite list keeps the ratio of people who are happy and disappointed fairly equal. If you’ve had a good day and those around you haven’t you’ll feel bad about going on about it. If you’ve had a bad day the last thing you’ll want to do is be around people who are chatting about whose 2.1 was highest.

Mean Girls movie scene of Tina Fey telling Lindsay Lohan 'well this is sufficiently awkward'


Step 4: Activities

Now it’s time to try and steer the party away from exams for everyone’s sake and focus on something else with drinking games, Twister, beer pong, Cluedo, Tiddly Winks, whatever takes your fancy. This gives people the opportunity to forget about how they’ve done for a while and gives the party more of a focus.

Step Brothers movie scene captioned 'so many activities'

Step 5: More drinking

Repeat step 1 but do check on the crying/ boasting levels of your party goers.  Repeat again until bed…

Kirsten Wiig in Bridesmaids captioned  'I'm ready to partaaaay!'

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