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Horror dates

By Emma
Horror dates

You're not alone

University is one big educational experience. You will be educated in the subject you have chosen to study, educated in writing the perfect essay, educated in making and keeping new friends and of course, educated in dating and relationships.

Some of you may already be in relationships but for many of you singletons the world of relationships and dating is untouched territory. You’ll be meeting lots of hot girls or guys down at the union bar, there will be flirting and maybe a neaky snog, they may take your number or you may give them yours… this could then lead onto the dreaded first date.

The first date, even with the most gorgeous looking guy or girl, can be awkward for even the most outgoing person, especially if half way through you find out the guy loves Star Trek or the girl still keeps her My Little Pony collection.

If you experience a few bad first dates, where the chemistry is just not there, do not worry! We have all sadly been there. The Student Guide has been on a mission to find out the worst first dates your fellow students have been on.

“When I was 20, a guy took me out for a McDonalds on our local high street for our first date, and what was worse he only got me a measly Happy Meal and I had to pay for half of it! This happened again when I was 22 when another guy took me out for a McDonalds, this time it was a Big Mac but he asked for it without the meat?!”

“I was on a date with this lad at a pub. We were meeting his best mate and his girl friend there. When he introduced me, he said: “Oh this is erm… What’s your name again?” I nearly died! I was not happy and I never saw him again!”

“I met this guy in a nightclub – I had had a few drinks but my friends said he was hot so I let him have my number. The guy called me just before I was about to meet up with him for our first date and said he had been to the dentist so I shouldn’t be worried if he was speaking strangely. Well, when I got there I realised he had absolutely no front teeth! I felt bad for him so we carried onto my friends party where the guy kept my wine glass topped up all night – I started to get a bit worried so I asked my friend to help me out! In desperation I cowardly hid in my friend’s wardrobe whilst Mr. No Teeth went to the toilet. My friend told him my over protective brother had come to get me. He soon left, I felt bad but I didn’t know what else to do!”

“I was 17 and I had fancied this girl at college for a long time and I had finally managed to get her to come out on a date with me. We had a great night and we got on really well, so I was buzzing! Anyway, I walked her home to her front door and it was at that moment when I leaned in for a kiss when she decided to tell me she had two children!”

“I met this gorgeous girl down at the union bar one night and we arranged to go out for a drink the following night. I was really looking forward to it and even got there a little early. I waited for half an hour… no sign… another half an hour… no sign. I sent her an angry text message asking who the hell she thought she was standing me up like that, I’d had a drink and used the words ignorant and cow in the text. I got a reply the next day from her saying that she had to rush back to her parent’s house because her grandma had been taken seriously ill. To say I felt bad is an understatement, and no we never did go on a date.”

“I met this guy in a nightclub, he was really nice and I was chuffed when he asked for my number. We arranged to meet up for a drink in town a couple of days later. I decided to wear my gorgeous new white linen trousers as it was a lovely sunny day. As they were quite see-through I decided to be brave and go commando. We met up and had a great time at the pub. It was time to leave and he said he would walk me to the bus stop, on our way to the bus stop the heavens opened and a huge storm erupted. My trousers instantly became wet through and my date did not know where to look. He made his excuses and let me carry on to the bus stop alone whilst I tried to cover my modesty with my cardigan!”

“I had just got out of a year-long relationship and was feeling pretty rubbish. My friend set me up with a girl on his course; he told me she was really fit and funny. We met up in the local Starbucks, it was going well but I noticed she kept frantically itching her hair. I asked her if she was okay and then she suddenly burst into tears saying that she had to leave straight away. Confused, I called my mate who told me she had been on the phone to him in tears saying that she had gotten nits and that she hadn’t wanted to cancel the date because she liked me so much. Ew!”

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